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Wiadomosci Lekarskie

Journal Volume: 55
Journal Issue: Suppl 1
Journal Year: 2002
Articles in SafetyLit: 15

Addiction prevention programs in schools and welfare-educational institutions

Assessment of the determinants of accidents and injuries among elderly people

Datura stramonium poisoning--a new problem in children and young people's toxicomania in Poland

Drug addiction among young students aged 15-21

Fatigue and audio-visual tiredness and duties of youth from high school

Frequency analysis of the use of addictive substances by adolescents attending secondary schools in Sanok

Health services provided for victims of traumas and accidents in the Gdansk metropolitan area

Hip fracture as an important mortality risk in elderly people

Perception of environmental health risk among inhabitants of Katowice Urban Area

Problem of violence in family in the opinion of health service workers

Psychosocial and medical conditions for suicidal behaviors among children and young people in Lublin Province

Relation of health threats to other threats in everyday life. Studies performed among students of the faculties of medicine and psychology

School hygiene in the past, present and future--in the opinion of the Inspector of Pediatrics and School Medicine and member of the European Society for Social Pediatrics (ESSOP)

Selected coping resources and critical situations as the risk factors of adolescent's suicide attempts

Ways of spending free time by students of the Medical University of Gdansk in relation to their health behavior