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Ellingsen DG, Konstantinov R, Bast-Pettersen R, Merkurjeva L, Chashchin M, Thomassen Y, Chashchin V. Neurotoxicology 2008; 29(1): 48-59.


National Institute of Occupational Health, P.O. Box 8149 Dep, N-0033 Oslo, Norway.


(Copyright © 2008, Elsevier Publishing)






Neurobehavioral functions were studied in 96 welders currently exposed to the geometric mean (GM) concentration of 121 microg/m(3) (range 7-2322) manganese (Mn) in welding fume (air-Mn) based on the individual mean from two successive days of sampling. They were compared to 96 age-matched referents. The arithmetic mean (AM) concentration of Mn in whole blood (B-Mn) was 8.6 microg/L versus 6.9 microg/L in the referents. Associations between the Digit Symbol and Finger Tapping test scores and B-Mn and air-Mn, respectively, were observed. The welders exposed to the highest air-Mn concentrations (GM 423 microg/m(3) range 204-2322) had statistically significantly poorer Finger Tapping test score as compared to their age-matched referents. The welders with the highest AM concentration of B-Mn (12.6 microg/L) scored statistically significantly poorer on the Digit Symbol test when compared to the age-matched referents (AM B-Mn 7.5 microg/L). The same neurobehavioral test battery was applied to 27 patients diagnosed, and financially compensated, as having welding related manganism. They were on average 44.9 (range 34-51) years old at the time of diagnosis, which on average was 5.8 years prior to this study. They had worked as welders for 23.1 years on average (range 15-30). The most affected neurobehavioral functions were associated with impaired Finger Tapping speed and Grooved Pegboard performance. The patients had no alterations in hand tremor as assessed by the CATSYS system, while a few subjects had noticeable tremor as assessed by the Static Steadiness test.

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