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What information is collected and what is shared?

SafetyLit requires an email address to deliver the weekly email messages to subscribers. Subscriber e-mail addresses will never be shared with anyone, not even with the agencies that provide our support.

Subscribers are required to provide information about their nationality and (if in the United States) the state in which they reside. This is done for two reasons: 1) our supporting agencies like to have a summary of this information included in SafetyLit status reports; and 2) requiring this sort of input action on the part of subscribers helps reduce attempts to subscribe by robots that are attempting to send thousands of inappropriate commercial messages to subscribers.

The nationality information will also be occasionally used in publicly circulated reports but never in a way that will allow the identification of individual subscribers.

We request your full name when subscribing to the SafetyLit email service. Although this information is not required, it is very important. We often receive requests to change a subscribers status or email address. Many times the requester's e-mail address does not match any subscriber's address. In this case, the subscribers name is an invaluable way to facilitate fulfilling the subscribers request.

Subscriber names will never be shared with anyone, ever.

As with every website, when a user visits certain information is automatically collected and recorded in a visitor log file. In general, each computer transmits a unique identifier to the website with each visit. This information allows the site administrators to identify any problems or developing problems. The information is also used to assess the patterns of use and (again, in general) the approximate geographic location of the visitor.

This log includes the duration of a site-user's total visit, how long the visitor spent viewing a particular page, the visitor's pattern of movement from page to page, and the terms entered into any site search engine or other form. This information is collected and analyzed for the SafetyLit site to assist with prioritizing and planning for improvements.

Certain parts of this visitor-log information are summarized and shared with our sponsoring agencies. Information about the total number of visitors and a summary of the locations of SafetyLit web visitors is posted regularly to the SafetyLit website. This information may also be used for conducting research into the needs and behaviors of SafetyLit visitors. Most of this research is for the use of SafetyLit staff. However, reports of this research may be published in agency documents or scholarly journals. In every case, the information will only be released in summary form. At no time will any information be released in a form that will allow anyone (even through sophisticated means) to connect any information to a small group of subscribers much less to an individual.