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Sakai R. Aichi Gakuin University bulletin of the Faculty of Psychological and Physical Science 2006; 1: 41-49.


(Copyright © 2006, Aichi Gakuin University)






In Japan bullying at school has increased with violence in the school in 1980s. In 1994 a junior high school pupil (named Mr.Okouchi) killed himself being worried about a bullying by classmates. Many actions preventing against such bullying at school were tried by Teachers, parents and a community. But the report says bullying amounted to still 22,207 cases in 2002. The recent features of bullying are cunning, cruel and persistent. There are a lot of stress among family members, because members of a family are now very smaller and siblings in a family are fewer than in former days. Therefore many children can not learn how to cope with the situations of stress or difficulties, when they meet in a trouble in a family. Such a decline of a home educability may be one of the reasons that we can not put down bullying at school. Still more many children do not have a chance to play among peer group at a primary school. A lot of children not only take some kind of music or sports lessons, but also go to private tutoring schools after school. So they do not have much time to play among classmates after school. Bullying mostly happens in junior high school days. They rapidly develop in mind and body. But the development between mind and body is lack of balance. Especially the second sexual character will make them unstable. They experience a lot of stress at school. Generally junior high school pupils grope after their identities and think reflectively. Even if they are bullied, they do not talk with parents or teachers over it. A family at infancy is the most important situation of education and parents must turn attention to their children. So they can find out small changes of them. And by such attention to them parents will be able to find a sign of being bullied. In case of being bullied he or she must stand face to face with them who are hard on. Basically everyone is necessary for growing up a strong ego, and if being done unpleasant act or said disagreeable things, he or she will be necessary to say that "I do not like it." if everyone can establish a strong ego and identity, bullying will disappear in the long run.


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