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Dlusskaia IG, Zhdan'ko IM, Bogdanov IuV. Aviakosm. Ekolog. Med. 2002; 36(5): 12-18.

Vernacular Title

Kriterial'naia znachimost' pokazateli adrenoreaktivnosti v otsenke nekotorykh


(Copyright © 2002, Institute of Biomedical Problems)






Adrenoreactivity parameter (beta-ARM, one of the characteristics of individual sympathoadrenal system (SAS), can enhance the system of professional psycho-logical screening (PPS). The parameter is determined with a new technique of quantifying changes in osmoresistance of erythrocytes in the presence of adrenoblocker. The normal beta-ARM range lies within 2.0-20.0 conditional units with a rise up to 60 cond. units in consequence of regular increases in the SAS activity. To accept or reject beta-ARM as a PPS criterion, data of a series of three investigations were analyzed in attempt to correlate individual psychophysiological characteristics, operator's efficiency, cardiovascular reactions, and beta-ARM. In the first investigation, 30 male volunteers imitated operator's duties which included two-dimensional compensatory tracking with simultaneous choice between two alternatives on a training simulator. In the second investigation, 39 first-year students of a flight school were tested with the use of an automated psychological assessment system at the end of the first semester. In the third investigation, four navigators and 3 qualified test-pilots performed two-compensatory tracking using standard hand controls following exposure to radial aerobatic g-loads in and w/o anti-g suits. It was found that beta-ARM within the range of 10-20 cond. units is a criterion of good job efficiency. beta-ARM below 10 cond. units attests high adrenoreactivity only in stable conditions of work and with good skill in a particular operation. In contingency high reactivity to catecholamines may lead to loss of concentration, deterioration of temporary memory and job efficiency. beta-ARM above 20 cond. units may be determined at high operator's performance; however, during screening the risk of stress-related diseases should be taken into consideration, too.

Language: ru


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