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Porter WD, Powell-Dunford N, Wilde GD, Bushby AJR. Aerosp. Med. Hum. Perform. 2019; 90(7): 606-612.


(Copyright © 2019, Aerospace Medical Association)






BACKGROUND: From a population-based perspective, reports in the peer-reviewed medical literature suggest an increase in the overall prevalence of asthma in recent decades. Applicants for military aviation training with a current or past history of asthma are generally excluded in the United Kingdom.METHODS: In order to assess the impact of the prevalence of asthma on the available pool of military service candidates, the authors collected data on annual live births between 1916 and 2016 as well as peer-reviewed publications that provided insight into asthma prevalence trends within the United Kingdom across the last century (covering birth-year population cohorts ranging from 1924 to 1995). Regression techniques were used to estimate the prevalence of individuals who could reasonably expect to be found unfit for military aviation service due to asthma-like conditions within the birth-year cohorts between 2001 and 2016.RESULTS: Between 1916 and 2016, the number of live births in the United Kingdom has averaged approximately 802,000 per year. The reported prevalence of asthma, based on the assimilated data points, ranged from 2.3 cases per 1000 individuals among the 1924 birth-year cohort, to 29.8 cases per 1000 individuals among the 1990 birth-year cohort.DISCUSSION: Based on the data and analysis presented above, asthma continues to constitute a significant public health issue in the United Kingdom. Military services must base risk mitigation decisions on accurate and precise diagnostic categorizations, and prudently balance the benefits of allowing affected individuals to participate in military service with the potential for mission degradation or compromise.Porter WD, Powell-Dunford N, Wilde GD, Bushby AJR. Asthma and rotary-wing military aircrew selection. Aerosp Med Hum Perform. 2019; 90(7):606-612.

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