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Hu Y, Wang L, Liu K, Shao G, Xu Y, Zheng C, Liu T, Hu J. Gaodianya Jishu 2006; 32(12): 74-77.


Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of SGCC, Wuhan 430074, China


(Copyright © 2006, Gao dian ya ji shu bian ji bu)






To ensure the safety of live working on 1000 kV transmission lines, safety protection is researched in this paper. Because of the high voltage and strong space electrical field intensity of the 1000 kV Ultra High Voltage transmission lines, it is very important and necessary to do research on the safety protection for live working on 750 kV transmission lines. In this paper, according to the practical conditions of the lines, suitable full set screening clothes were developed, and then characteristics of material that the screening clothes made of and the ready-to-wear were tested following corresponding national standards of GB 6568. 1-2000 and GB 6568. 2-2000. In response to the line condition, measuring of electrical field intensity in and outside of screening clothes at different part of body while climbing tower and during equal-potential process, and arc test and impulse current measuring while during equal-potential process are also taken. The tests' results indicated that the screening clothes developed had good performances on electrical field screening, current splitting and voltage sharing, thus met the requirements for the safety protection of human body while live working on 750 kV transmission lines. Based on the research work, conclusions can be drawn that to ensure the safety of live working, persons doing live working should wear full set screening clothes and use potential rod during equal-potential process.


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