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Andajani-Sutjahjo S, Neang M. J. Interpers. Violence 2022; ePub(ePub): ePub.


(Copyright © 2022, SAGE Publishing)






This study examined parents' and grandparents' understanding of violence against children (VAC) strategies to prevent VAC in the home. Research questions: What do parents and grandparents understand about VAC? Which child discipline practices are violent? What are strategies to prevent VAC? Participants: 30 parents and grandparents from a small rural community. Six focus group discussions (FGDs) in which participants shared their perceptions and practices relating to child discipline, forms of VAC, and proposed intervention strategies. In two community forums, participants discussed intervention strategies produced in separate FGDs and agreed on three priority strategies. During the FGDs and community meetings, none of the participants ever mentioned any laws, regulations, or government strategies to address VAC in the home. Participants expressed confusion and mixed feelings and responses on forms of VAC. Some agreed on deception, manipulation, intimidation (som lot), threats (Kom ream, harsh words, scolding (je), and physical punishment (i.e., beating or beating with an object) as an unacceptable discipline that would adversely impact children's well-being. Others agreed on cautiously using such disciplines to a certain degree and context. Participants proposed three priority strategies to address VAC in the home, of which two-community awareness and education and community-based efforts-fit with the Cambodia 2017 to 2024 Action Plan Strategies to Prevent and Respond to VAC. The third strategy, addressing alcohol harm-related violence, though not regarded in the 2017 to 2024 Action Plan, was considered pivotal in preventing VAC. Parents and grandparents have a substantial role in child protection at home. Nevertheless, without a clear definition of VAC or articulation of protecting children from violence in the home, it would be challenging to involve parents/grandparents for effective intervention. Participants' three priority strategies have a substantial policy and program implications for Cambodia's primary prevention of VAC action strategy. Community-based mobilization, education, and capacity building need to start and sustain the community.

Language: en


parents; violence against children; child discipline; grandparents; home-setting; prevention strategies; rural Cambodia


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