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Bogdanovic V, Mao ZH. J. Big Data 2023; 10(1): e78.


(Copyright © 2023, Holtzbrinck Springer Nature Publishing Group)








This research analyzes the area required for the conflict resolution between aircraft in two flows impacted by a convective weather cell (CWC). The CWC is introduced as a constrained area, forbidden to flight through, which affects the air traffic flows. Prior the conflict resolution, two flows and their intersection are relocated away from the CWC area (thus enabling circumvention of the CWC), which is followed by a tuning of the relocated flows intersection angle in order to create the minimal size of the conflict zone (CZ-a circular area centered at the intersection of two flows, which provides aircraft enough space to completely resolve the conflict within). Therefore, the essence of the proposed solution is in providing conflict free trajectories for the aircraft in intersecting flows that are affected by the CWC, with the goal of minimizing the CZ size, so the finite occupied airspace for the conflict resolution and the CWC circumvention could be reduced. Compared to the best solutions and current industry practice, this article is focused in reduction of the airspace required for aircraft to aircraft and aircraft to weather conflict resolution, and not to distance travelled, time savings, and fuel consumption minimization. The conducted analysis in the MicrosoftExcel2010 confirmed the relevance of the proposed model and demonstrated variations in efficiency of the utilized airspace. The proposed model's transdisciplinary nature makes it potentially applicable in other fields of study, such as the conflict resolution between unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and fixed objects like buildings. Building on this model and taking in consideration large and complex data sets, such as weather related data and flight data (aircraft position, speed, and altitude), we believe it is possible to conduct more sophisticated analyses that would take advantage of Big Data.

Language: en


Big Data; Air traffic control (ATC); Conflict resolution; Convective weather cell; Intersecting flows; Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)


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