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Each week thousands of researchers and practitioners search SafetyLit for its journal articles, conference papers, and reports. Help them find your materials by becoming part of this enduring collection of literature beginning with articles published in the mid-17th century to the present day. SafetyLit is a service of the San Diego State University in cooperation with the World Health Organization. All SafetyLit services are presented at no cost and without advertising. There are no fees for publishers that participate in SafetyLit.

Benefits of Participating in SafetyLit

As users of SafetyLit locate your relevant materials, you can:

  • Reach potential new members, subscribers, and customers
  • Promote your publications at no cost to you
  • Gain acknowledgement of your organization in SafetyLit
  • Expand the accessibility of your Web site through links in the SafetyLit bibliographic record
  • Increase exposure to an international audience
  • Ensure accurate, consistent citation of your material through SafetyLit's citation download system
SafetyLit will never sell or give away the full text of any document -- even open access documents. Instead, we link to publisher websites where full text documents may be viewed or purchased.

SafetyLit User Access

SafetyLit is used by researchers and practitioners from the 30-plus distinct professional disciplines that work directly or indirectly to address safety and by the general public in more than 160 nations around the world. SafetyLit users conduct more than 60 thousand searches each week through the SafetyLit website and many thousands of other users visit after viewing citations in our Weekly Literature Update Bulletin or RSS feeds.

Types of Materials Included in SafetyLit

SafetyLit follows many thousands of scholarly journals but indexes the entire contents of very few of these. Instead, we examine each journal issue for articles that may be useful to researchers or practitioners working on issues related to accidents, interpersonal violence, poisoning, or self-harm. SafetyLit includes material on engineering issues and on the environmental, social, or behavioral risk factors for injuries. SafetyLit also includes articles concerning preparation for and response to emergencies and disasters. We also include articles about the individual and societal costs and consequences of injuries. See the SafetyLit website for a more detailed description of the inclusion criteria:

SafetyLit records contain bibliographic information, an abstract (if available) and a link to the publisher's Web site. This feature helps the user obtain access to the full text by directing users to publisher-provided information about subscription, membership, or document delivery; pay-per-view access; or free full-text access.

If the publisher provides an abstract, SafetyLit will usually present it without modification. However, SafetyLit users identify articles related to their interest by entering search terms they know and understand. SafetyLit currently uses a search system that allows a query to be performed using a textword "Synonym-Ring" system. The text-word searches match terms (or synonyms of the terms entered) found in the article titles and abstracts. If those exact words are not in each article's title or abstract, a search of the SafetyLit database will not find the article. Thus, to enable searchers to find all of the articles they want, we may make minor changes to the article abstracts. Changes to the author's abstracts are made only to help clarify what the article is about. For example, a recent article abstract used the phrase, "the automatic visual indicator system that displays to those in trailing vehicles a sign that the forward motion in the fore-vehicle is being attenuated". We simplified this phrase to the words "brake lights" (words not used in the abstract) to explain what the author and translator intended. Similarly, we add context when a term is ambiguous: when an article uses the word "football" we clarify by adding an explanatory term -- "football [soccer]" or "[American] football" or "[Australian Rules] football" or [Gaelic] football, etc.

Download sample SafetyLit journal record

Download sample SafetyLit journal article record

SafetyLit journal article records contain the option for users to download the metadata in multiple formats suitable for import into personal bibliographic management software (EndNote, Mendeley, Papers, Reference Manager, Zotero).