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European journal of psychotraumatology

Journal Volume: 5
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 33

"It will always continue unless we can change something": consequences of intimate partner violence for indigenous women, children, and families

A stepped-care model of post-disaster child and adolescent mental health service provision

Adult experience of mental health outcomes as a result of intimate partner violence victimisation: a systematic review

Assessing the co-occurrence of intimate partner violence domains across the life-course: relating typologies to mental health

Childhood maltreatment and intimate partner violence in dissociative disorder patients

Early outreach to survivors of the shootings in Norway on the 22nd of July 2011

Early psychological intervention in accidentally injured children ages 2-16: a randomized controlled trial

Effects of an intervention program for female victims of intimate partner violence on psychological symptoms and perceived social support

Emotions and emotion regulation in survivors of childhood sexual abuse: the importance of "disgust" in traumatic stress and psychopathology

Evidence-based treatment for adult women with child abuse-related Complex PTSD: a quantitative review

Experiences from coordinating research after the 2011 terrorist attacks in Norway

Explaining the unexplainable: designing a national strategy on classroom communication concerning the 22 July terror attack in Norway

Gender and offender status predicting treatment success in refugees and asylum seekers with PTSD

Hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis and exposure to interpersonal violence in childhood among women with borderline personality disorder

Intimate partner violence and drug-addicted women: from explicative models to gender-oriented treatments

Intimate partner violence and mental health

Intimate partner violence and mental health-remarks from two chief editors on a joint publishing venture

Investigating the effect of child maltreatment on early adolescent peer-on-peer sexual aggression: testing a multiple mediator model in a non-incarcerated sample of Danish adolescents

Localization of post-disaster psychosocial care in China

Narrative exposure therapy: an evidence-based treatment for multiple and complex trauma

Oxytocin is associated with PTSD's anxious arousal symptoms in Chinese male earthquake survivors

Patterns and predictors of primary mental health service use following bushfire and flood disasters

Posttraumatic stress disorder among earthquake survivors of the Wenchuan area (Sichuan, China)

Prevalence of potentially traumatic events, depression, alcohol use, and social network supports among Chinese migrants: an epidemiological study in Guangzhou, China

Prior adversities predict posttraumatic stress reactions in adolescents following the Oslo Terror events 2011

Proximal relationships between PTSD and drinking behavior

Psychosocial recovery after serious injury

The association between social resources and depression among female migrants affected by domestic violence

The role of attachment in recovery after a school-shooting trauma

The stress systems in depression: a postmortem study

The treatment and research for posttraumatic stress disorder with Chinese medicine

The US framework for understanding, preventing, and caring for the mental health needs of service members who served in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq: a brief review of the issues and the research

Understanding terror and violence in the lives of children and adolescents (editorial)