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Skiing trauma and safety

Journal Volume: 17
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2009
Articles in SafetyLit: 20

A novel anti-slip pad for improving steering when exiting a ski lift on a snowboard

An evaluation of perceptual experience of skiers using quantitative image processing

Behaviors and attitudes towards snowsport safety in Australia

Computer simulation of consecutive ski turns

Correlative study into injury epidemiology, use of protective equipment and risk taking among adolescent participants in alpine snow sports

Do helmets reduce fatalities or merely alter the patterns of death?

Does laterality exist in ACL injury prevalence in alpine skiers?

Effect of age and experience on lower leg fractures in alpine sports

Evaluation of falls occurring while exiting from an eight-seat chairlift

Head kinematics during experimental snowboard falls: implications for snow helmet standards

Injuries in Norwegian ski resorts the winter seasons of 2005 and 2006

Injury trends in Norwegian ski resorts in the 10 year period 1996-2006

Pediatric head and neck injuries in snow sports: evaluating the influence of helmets

Review of research literature on snowboarding injuries as might relate to an adjustable/releasable snowboard binding

Safer ski jump landing surface design limits normal impact velocity

Safety in big jumps: relationship between landing shape and impact energy determined by computer simulation

Ski bindings and lower leg injuries, a case control study in Flaine, 2006

Skiing and snowboarding injuries in Greece: a two-year case-control study

The importance of an objective assessment to identify functional constraints of young skier athletes

Update on injury trends in alpine skiing