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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 106
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 52

A full Bayesian approach to appraise the safety effects of pedestrian countdown signals to drivers

A meta-analysis of in-vehicle and nomadic voice-recognition system interaction and driving performance

A validation study comparing self-reported travel diaries and objective data obtained from in-vehicle monitoring devices in older drivers with bilateral cataract

Angry thoughts in Spanish drivers and their relationship with crash-related events. The mediation effect of aggressive and risky driving

Another look at the safety effects of horizontal curvature on rural two-lane highways

Bicycle-vehicle interactions at mid-sections of mixed traffic streets: examining passing distance and bicycle comfort perception

Can evolutionary theory explain the slow development of knowledge about the level of safety built into roads?

Canadian drivers' attitudes regarding preventative responses to driving while impaired by alcohol

Cell phone use while driving: does peer-reported use predict emerging adult use?

Comparing recall vs. Recognition measures of accident under-reporting: a two-country examination

Comparison of US metropolitan region pedestrian and bicyclist fatality rates

Consistent association between hypnotics/sedatives and non-traffic injuries. Results from a national household survey

Cross-classified multilevel models for severity of commercial motor vehicle crashes considering heterogeneity among companies and regions

Detection of driver engagement in secondary tasks from observed naturalistic driving behavior

Development of a real-time prediction model of driver behavior at intersections using kinematic time series data

Development of thoracic injury risk functions for the THOR ATD

Do cyclists make better drivers? Associations between cycling experience and change detection in road scenes

Do we see how they perceive risk? An integrated analysis of risk perception and its effect on workplace safety behavior

Does gender moderate the association between intellectual ability and accidental injuries? Evidence from the 1953 Stockholm Birth Cohort study

Drivers' social-work relationships as antecedents of unsafe driving: a social network perspective

Driving under the influence of drugs: perceptions and attitudes of New Zealand drivers

Driving with advanced vehicle technology: a qualitative investigation of older drivers' perceptions and motivations for use

Evaluating pedestrian behavior at crosswalks: validation of a pedestrian behavior questionnaire for the U.S. population

Evaluating the Safety In Numbers effect for pedestrians at urban intersections

Examining how different measurement approaches impact safety outcomes in child pedestrian research: Implications for research and prevention

Exploring the mechanisms of vehicle front-end shape on pedestrian head injuries caused by ground impact

Factors associated with non-return to work in the severely injured victims 3 years after a road accident: a prospective study

Gender roles, sex and the expression of driving anger

Geographically weighted negative binomial regression applied to zonal level safety performance models

Identification of high risk metropolitan intersection sites in Perth, Australia

Impact of in-vehicle navigation information on lane-change behavior in urban expressway diverge segments

Implications of advanced vehicle technologies for older drivers

Injunctive safety norms, young worker risk-taking behaviors, and workplace injuries

Investigating articulated heavy-vehicle crashes in western Australia using a spatial approach

Investigation of factors affecting the injury severity of single-vehicle rollover crashes: a random-effects generalized ordered probit model

Letting in-vehicle navigation lead the way: older drivers' perceptions of and ability to follow a GPS navigation system

Mobile phone conversations, listening to music and quiet (electric) cars: are traffic sounds important for safe cycling?

Mobile phone use during driving: effects on speed and effectiveness of driver compensatory behaviour

Monitoring road safety development at regional level: a case study in the ASEAN region

Naturalistic assessment of the learner license period

Occupant thorax response variations due to arm position and restraint systems in side impact crash scenarios

Predictors of driving outcomes including both crash involvement and driving cessation in a prospective study of Japanese older drivers

Predictors of recovery in cyclists hospitalised for orthopaedic trauma following an on-road crash

Qualifying information on deaths and serious injuries caused by road traffic in five Brazilian capitals using record linkage

Road traffic crash risk associated with prescription of hydroxyzine and other sedating H1-antihistamines: a responsibility and case-crossover study

Self-monitoring of driving speed

Take-over performance in evasive manoeuvres

The effect of motorcycle helmet fit on estimating head impact kinematics from residual liner crush

The effects of drinking and driving laws on car crashes, injuries, and deaths: evidence from Chile

Toward best practice in human machine interface design for older drivers: a review of current design guidelines

Using network screening methods to determine locations with specific safety issues: a design consistency case study

Using trip diaries to mitigate route risk and risky driving behavior among older drivers