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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 108
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 38

A comparative injury severity analysis of motorcycle at-fault crashes on rural and urban roadways in Alabama

A new insight on the risky behavior of motorists at railway level crossings: an observational field study

An ecological model to factors associated with booster seat use: a population based study

An Empirical Bayes before-after evaluation of road safety effects of a new motorway in Norway

Analyzing driver-pedestrian interaction in a mixed-street environment using a driving simulator

Anger expression among Danish cyclists and drivers: a comparison based on mode specific anger expression inventories

Assessing the utility of TAM, TPB, and UTAUT for advanced driver assistance systems

Associations between alcohol consumption patterns and attitudes towards alcohol interlocks

Availability and consistency of health and non-health data for road traffic fatality: analysis of data from 195 countries, 1985-2013

Bicycle helmet use patterns in Italy. A description and analysis of survey data from an Italian friends of cycling association

Cannabis and crash responsibility while driving below the alcohol per se legal limit

Coming back into the loop: drivers' perceptual-motor performance in critical events after automated driving

Comparison of four statistical and machine learning methods for crash severity prediction

Comparison of older and younger novice driver crash rates: informing the need for extended graduated driver licensing restrictions

Construction accident narrative classification: an evaluation of text mining techniques

Development of regionalized SPFs for two-lane rural roads in Pennsylvania

Does getting away with it count? An application of Stafford and Warr's Reconceptualised Model of deterrence to drink driving

Driver braking behavior analysis to improve autonomous emergency braking systems in typical Chinese vehicle-bicycle conflicts

Driving on urban roads: how we come to expect the 'correct' speed

Driving performance at lateral system limits during partially automated driving

Hazard perception training in young bicyclists improves early detection of risk: a cluster-randomized controlled trial

How bicycle level of traffic stress correlate with reported cyclist accidents injury severities: a geospatial and mixed logit analysis

Is there an observational effect? An exploratory study into speed cameras and self-reported offending behaviour

Meta-analysis of the effect of road work zones on crash occurrence

Modeling pedestrian crossing speed profiles considering speed change behavior for the safety assessment of signalized intersections

Name that tune: mitigation of driver fatigue via a song naming game

Occupant-level injury severity analyses for taxis in Hong Kong: a Bayesian space-time logistic model

On the use of naturalistic methods to examine safety-relevant behaviours amongst children and evaluate a cycling education program

Predicting motorcycle crash injury severity using weather data and alternative Bayesian multivariate crash frequency models

Quality of life following road traffic injury: a systematic literature review

Quantitative analysis of pedestrian safety at uncontrolled multi-lane mid-block crosswalks in China

Safety analysis of urban arterials at the meso level

The effect of ambient light condition on road traffic collisions involving pedestrians on pedestrian crossings

The use of a driving simulator to determine how time pressures impact driver aggressiveness

To stop or not to stop: Contrasting compliant and non-compliant driver behaviour at rural rail level crossings

Truck-involved crashes injury severity analysis for different lighting conditions on rural and urban roadways

Turning movements, vehicle offsets and ageing drivers driving behaviour at channelized and unchannelized intersections

Young females at risk while driving with a small child