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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 111
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 28

A novel framework to evaluate pedestrian safety at non-signalized locations

A questionnaire survey on road rage and anger-provoking situations in China

Accident frequency and unrealistic optimism: children's assessment of risk

Accident rates and the impact of daylight saving time transitions

Analysis and comparison of safety models using average daily, average hourly, and microscopic traffic

Analysis of crash proportion by vehicle type at traffic analysis zone level: a mixed fractional split multinomial logit modeling approach with spatial effects

Analyzing crash frequency in freeway tunnels: a correlated random parameters approach

Barrier-relevant crash modification factors and average costs of crashes on arterial roads in Indiana

Burden of injury of serious road injuries in six EU countries

Correlates of fatality risk of vulnerable road users in Delhi

Cross or wait? Pedestrian decision making during clearance phase at signalized intersections

Cyclist-related content in novice driver education and training

Exploring the relationships between drivers' familiarity and two-lane rural road accidents. A multi-level study

Global road fatality trends' estimations based on country-wise micro level data

Good distractions: testing the effects of listening to an audiobook on driving performance in simple and complex road environments

Identification of significant factors in fatal-injury highway crashes using genetic algorithm and neural network

Identifying traffic accident black spots with Poisson-Tweedie models

Injury severity analysis in taxi-pedestrian crashes: an application of reconstructed crash data using a vehicle black box

Linking mind wandering tendency to risky driving in young male drivers

Longitudinal safety evaluation of electric vehicles with the partial wireless charging lane on freeways

Mandatory helmet legislation as a policy tool for reducing motorcycle fatalities: pinpointing the efficacy of universal helmet laws

Monitoring city wide patterns of cycling safety

Perceptions, intentions and behavioral norms that affect pre-license driving among Arab youth in Israel

Real life safety benefits of increasing brake deceleration in car-to-pedestrian accidents: simulation of vacuum emergency braking

Risk factors for adverse driving outcomes in Dutch adults with ADHD and controls

Risk factors for crash involvement in older motorcycle riders

Safety assessment on pedestrian crossing environments using MLS data

What technologies do people engage with while driving and why?