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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 113
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 34

A contextual and temporal algorithm for driver drowsiness detection

A cross-comparison of different techniques for modeling macro-level cyclist crashes

Alcohol and non-alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes in Perth, Australia: do alcohol outlets make a difference?

Analysis of stationary and dynamic factors affecting highway accident occurrence: a dynamic correlated grouped random parameters binary logit approach

Applying crash data to injury claims - an investigation of determinant factors in severe motor vehicle accidents

Assessing rear-end collision risk of cars and heavy vehicles on freeways using a surrogate safety measure

Characterization of the occult nature of frequently occurring pediatric motor vehicle crash injuries

Definition of run-off-road crash clusters-for safety benefit estimation and driver assistance development

Deterrent effects of demerit points and license sanctions on drivers' traffic law violations using a proportional hazard model

Developing a safety heatmap of uncontrolled intersections using both conflict probability and severity

Diagnosed dementia and the risk of motor vehicle crash among older drivers

Does crash risk increase when emergency vehicles are driving with lights and sirens?

Errors versus speed on the trail making test: relevance to driving performance

Estimating the expected number of crashes with traffic conflicts and the Lomax distribution - a theoretical and numerical exploration

Identifying the most significant indicators of the total road safety performance index

Influences of motorcycle rider and driver characteristics and road environment on red light running behavior at signalized intersections

Interpreting interaction effects in estimates of the risk of traffic injury associated with the use of illicit drugs

Investigating the safety impact of roadway network features of suburban arterials in Shanghai

Latent class analysis of factors that influence weekday and weekend single-vehicle crash severities

Lives saved by laws and regulations that resulted from the Bloomberg road safety program

Modeling of passengers' safety perception for buses on mountainous roads

Multimodal crash frequency modeling: multivariate space-time models with alternate spatiotemporal interactions

Multivariate dynamic Tobit models with lagged observed dependent variables: an effectiveness analysis of highway safety laws

Prevalence, attitudes, and knowledge of in-vehicle technologies and vehicle adaptations among older drivers

Recognition method of construction conflict based on driver's eye movement

Risky driving and the persistent effect of a randomized intervention focusing on impulsivity: the role of the serotonin transporter promoter polymorphism

Speed, speed variation and crash relationships for urban arterials

Speeding in highway work zone: an evaluation of methods of speed control

The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire for older drivers: do errors, violations and lapses change over time?

The potential of clustering methods to define intersection test scenarios: assessing real-life performance of AEB

The traffic climate in China: the mediating effect of traffic safety climate between personality and dangerous driving behavior

Towards unpacking older drivers' visual-motor coordination: a gaze-based integrated driving assessment

Trends in injury morbidity in China, 1993-2013: a longitudinal analysis of population-based survey data

Walking the talk: comparing pedestrian 'activity as imagined' with 'activity as done'