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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 117
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 38

A comparative study of rail-pedestrian trespassing crash injury severity between highway-rail grade crossings and non-crossings

A comparison of freeway median crash frequency, severity, and barrier strike outcomes by median barrier type

Accident analysis to support the development of strategies for the prevention of brain injuries in car crashes

An exploratory study of long-haul truck drivers' secondary tasks and reasons for performing them

Assessment of the safety benefits of vehicles' advanced driver assistance, connectivity and low level automation systems

Bicycle helmets - To wear or not to wear? A meta-analyses of the effects of bicycle helmets on injuries

Characteristics of fatal road crashes involving unlicensed drivers or riders: implications for countermeasures

Characteristics of single-vehicle crashes with e-bikes in Switzerland

Comparing car drivers' and motorcyclists' opinions about junction crashes

Comparing motor-vehicle crash risk of EU and US vehicles

Cost benefit study of a safety campaign's impact on road safety

Crash data modeling with a generalized estimator

Crash sequence based risk matrix for motorcycle crashes

Cycling injury risk in London: a case-control study exploring the impact of cycle volumes, motor vehicle volumes, and road characteristics including speed limits

Does talking the talk matter? Effects of supervisor safety communication and safety climate on long-haul truckers' safety performance

Driver distraction by smartphone use (WhatsApp) in different age groups

Effects of congestion on drivers' speed choice: assessing the mediating role of state aggressiveness based on taxi floating car data

Effects of truck traffic on crash injury severity on rural highways in Wyoming using Bayesian binary logit models

Evaluating the effectiveness of Behavior-Based Safety education methods for commercial vehicle drivers

Exploring rainfall impacts on the crash risk on Texas roadways: a crash-based matched-pairs analysis approach

How to warn drivers in various safety-critical situations - different strategies, different reactions

Increasing the default interletter spacing of words can help drivers to read traffic signs at longer distances

Is improved lane keeping during cognitive load caused by increased physical arousal or gaze concentration toward the road center?

Key risk indicators for accident assessment conditioned on pre-crash vehicle trajectory

Longitudinal safety evaluation of connected vehicles' platooning on expressways

Methodological evolution and frontiers of identifying, modeling and preventing secondary crashes on highways

Mopeds: the high cost of cheap and poorly legislated transportation for negligent drivers

The efficacy of a brief hazard perception interventional program for child bicyclists to improve perceptive standards

The impact of opioid analgesic prescription uptake on the costs of recovery from injury: evidence from compensable orthopaedic road trauma patients

The impact of the luminance, size and location of LED billboards on drivers' visual performance-laboratory tests

The influence of bus and taxi drivers' public self-consciousness and social anxiety on aberrant driving behaviors

Time series modeling in traffic safety research

Time-varying mixed logit model for vehicle merging behavior in work zone merging areas

Transferring and calibrating safety performance functions among multiple states

Trends in the crash involvement of older drivers in Australia

Using road markings as a continuous cue for speed choice

Why do drivers become safer over the first three months of driving? A longitudinal qualitative study

Wrong-way driving crashes: a random-parameters ordered probit analysis of injury severity