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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 121
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 35

"Seatbelts don't save lives": Discovering and targeting the attitudes and behaviors of young Arab male drivers

A computational model of pedestrian road safety: the long way round is the safe way home

A discrete mixture regression for modeling the duration of non-hospitalization medical leave of motor accident victims

A novel method of vehicle-pedestrian near-crash identification with roadside LiDAR data

Bayesian approach to model pedestrian crashes at signalized intersections with measurement errors in exposure

Before-after safety analysis using extreme value theory: a case of left-turn bay extension

Boundary crash data assignment in zonal safety analysis: an iterative approach based on data augmentation and Bayesian spatial model

Comparing road safety performance across countries: do data source and type of mortality indicator matter?

Context and culture: reasons young adults drink and drive in rural America

Corrigendum to "Influence of road markings, lane widths and driver behaviour on proximity and speed of vehicles overtaking cyclists" [Accid. Anal. Prev. 73 (2014) 100-108]

Driving under the influence of prescription opioids: self-reported prevalence and association with collision risk in a large Canadian jurisdiction

Effects of alertness management training on sleepiness among long-haul truck drivers: a randomized controlled trial

Employee safety single vs. dual priorities: when is the rate of work-related driving accidents lower?

From partial and high automation to manual driving: relationship between non-driving related tasks, drowsiness and take-over performance

Gaze doesn't always lead steering

Impacts of speed variations on freeway crashes by severity and vehicle type

Influence of cyber-attacks on longitudinal safety of connected and automated vehicles

Modelling driver acceptance of driver support systems

Multivariate random parameter Tobit modeling of crashes involving aging drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians: spatiotemporal variations

Night-time driving visibility associated with LED streetlight dimming

Prediction and perception of hazards in professional drivers: does hazard perception skill differ between safe and less-safe fire-appliance drivers?

Reducing traffic violations in minority localities: designing a traffic enforcement program through a public participation process

Reducing workplace accidents through the use of leadership interventions: a quasi-experimental field study

Risk perception during urban cycling: an assessment of crowdsourced and authoritative data

Safety and operational impacts of setting speed limits below engineering recommendations

Seatbelt wearing rate in a Chinese city: results from multi-round cross-sectional studies

The consumer-citizen duality: ten reasons why citizens prefer safety and drivers desire speed

The effect of gender, occupation and experience on behavior while driving on a freeway deceleration lane based on field operational test data

The effects of roadway and built environment characteristics on pedestrian fatality risk: a national assessment at the neighborhood scale

The relationship between the demographic, personal, and social factors of Malaysian motorcyclists and risk taking behavior at signalized intersections

Traffic crash analysis with point-of-interest spatial clustering

Transitions within a safe road system

Using spatial interpolation to determine impacts of annual snowfall on traffic crashes for limited access freeway segments

Validation of the influencing factors associated with traffic violations and crashes on freeways of developing countries: a case study of Iran

Walking under the influence of the alcohol: a case study of pedestrian crashes in Tennessee