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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 122
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 29

"Mate! I'm running 10 min late": an investigation into the self-regulation of mobile phone tasks while driving

A comparison of bus passengers' and car drivers' valuation of casualty risk reductions in their routes

A multivariate spatial approach to model crash counts by injury severity

Accident risk of road and weather conditions on different road types

An analysis of escalator-related injuries in metro stations in China, 2013-2015

Analysing truck harsh braking incidents to study roundabout accident risk

Analysis of real-time crash risk for expressway ramps using traffic, geometric, trip generation, and socio-demographic predictors

Are drivers ready for traffic enforcement drones?

Assessing the impacts of enriched information on crash prediction performance

Associations between upper extremity injury patterns in side impact motor vehicle collisions with occupant and crash characteristics

Characteristics of single vehicle crashes with a teen driver in South Carolina, 2005-2008

Comparative analysis of multiple techniques for developing and transferring safety performance functions

Diagnostic analysis of the effects of weather condition on pedestrian crash severity

Driven to succeed: improving adolescents' driving behaviors through a personal narrative-based psychosocial intervention in Serbia

Effects of an in-vehicle eco-safe driving system on drivers' glance behaviour

Exploring patterns of child pedestrian behaviors at urban intersections

Identifying street design elements associated with vehicle-to-pedestrian collision reduction at intersections in New York City

Investigating factors affecting riders' behaviors of occupying motorized vehicle lanes on urban streets

Mind wandering during everyday driving: an on-road study

Neighborhood-level factors affecting seat belt use

Pedestrian injuries due to collisions with cyclists Melbourne, Australia

Road safety and distraction, results from a responsibility case-control study among a sample of road users interviewed at the emergency room

Simulating uni- and bi-directional pedestrian movement on stairs by considering specifications of personal space

Situational influences on response time and maneuver choice: development of time-critical scenarios

Traffic climate, driver behaviour, and accidents involvement in China

Truck safety evaluation on Wyoming mountain passes

Use of multiple data sources to identify specific drugs and other factors associated with drug and alcohol screening of fatally injured motor vehicle drivers

Who is responsible for global road safety? A cross-cultural comparison of Actor Maps

Y TXT N DRIVE? Predictors of texting while driving among a sample of Ontario youth and young adults