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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 124
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 22

A methodology to estimate the number of unsafe vehicle-cyclist passing events on urban arterials

Analysis of cut-in behavior based on naturalistic driving data

Analysis of the duration of compliance between recidivism of drunk driving and reinstatement of license after suspension or revocation

Crash severity effects of adaptive signal control technology: an empirical assessment with insights from Pennsylvania and Virginia

Development of an accident prediction model for Italian freeways

Dimensions of driving-related emotions and behaviors: an exploratory factor analysis of common self-report measures

Drink drivers' views of a voluntary alcohol interlock programme for drink driving offenders in Sweden

Evaluating the safety impact of connected and autonomous vehicles on motorways

Evaluation of a novel bicycle helmet concept in oblique impact testing

Evaluation of injuries sustained by motorcyclists in approach-turn crashes in Taiwan

Expressway crash risk prediction using back propagation neural network: a brief investigation on safety resilience

Factors affecting the injury severity of out-of-control single-vehicle crashes in Singapore

FAST DASH: program overview and key findings from initial technology evaluations

Functional forms of the negative binomial models in safety performance functions for rural two-lane intersections

Investigation of driver injury severities in rural single-vehicle crashes under rain conditions using mixed logit and latent class models

Patterns of motorcycle helmet use - a naturalistic observation study in Myanmar

Pedestrian crash analysis with latent class clustering method

Pedestrian's risk-based negotiation model for self-driving vehicles to get the right of way

Real-time crash prediction models: state-of-the-art, design pathways and ubiquitous requirements

Seasonal variation in risk perception and travel behaviour among cyclists in a Norwegian urban area

Sex differences in the association between impulsivity and driving under the influence of alcohol in young adults: the specific role of sensation seeking

The long road home from distraction: investigating the time-course of distraction recovery in driving