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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 125
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 29

Cognitive failures in response to emotional contagion: their effects on workplace accidents

Crash causes, countermeasures, and safety policy implications

Detecting DUI (Non) deterrence: a macro-methodology to uncover "restrictive v permissive" county jurisdictions in California

Drinking and driving among adults in the United States: Results from the 2012-2013 national epidemiologic survey on alcohol and related conditions-III

Effects of simulated mild vision loss on gaze, driving and interaction behaviors in pedestrian crossing situations

Evaluation of safety effect of turbo-roundabout lane dividers using floating car data and video observation

Examining traffic conflicts of up stream toll plaza area using vehicles' trajectory data

Factors impacting bicyclist lateral position and velocity in proximity to commercial vehicle loading zones: application of a bicycling simulator

Forecasting German crash numbers: the effect of meteorological variables

Geographic variation and trends in opioid-involved crash deaths in Maryland: 2006-2017

Impact evaluation of camera enforcement for traffic violations in Cali, Colombia, 2008-2014

Impact of heterogeneity of car-following behavior on rear-end crash risk

Inattention and distraction in fatal road crashes - results from in-depth crash investigations in Norway

Is the safety-in-numbers effect still observed in areas with low pedestrian activities? A case study of a suburban area in the United States

Machines versus humans: people's biased responses to traffic accidents involving self-driving vehicles

Macro-level traffic safety analysis in Shanghai, China

Mobile phone involvement, beliefs, and texting while driving in Ukraine

Multivariate copula temporal modeling of intersection crash consequence metrics: a joint estimation of injury severity, crash type, vehicle damage and driver error

Network screening for large urban road networks: using GPS data and surrogate measures to model crash frequency and severity

Organization is also a "life form": organizational-level personality, job satisfaction, and safety performance of high-speed rail operators

Powered two-wheeler crash scenario development

Review and ranking of crash risk factors related to the road infrastructure

Safety assessment of control design parameters through vehicle dynamics model

Self-reported handheld device use while driving

Spatial variation in teens' crash rate reduction following the implementation of a graduated driver licensing program in Michigan

The effects of auditory satellite navigation instructions and visual blur on road hazard perception

The European road safety decision support system on risks and measures

The risk factors Finnish paramedics recognize when performing emergency response driving

What is the difference in driver's lateral control ability during naturalistic distracted driving and normal driving? A case study on a real highway