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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 127
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

A comparison of statistical learning methods for deriving determining factors of accident occurrence from an imbalanced high resolution dataset

A new integrated collision risk assessment methodology for autonomous vehicles

An evaluation of the effects of an innovative school-based cycling education program on safety and participation

Analysis of trunk impact conditions in motorcycle road accidents based on epidemiological, accidentological data and multibody simulations

Analyzing freeway crash severity using a Bayesian spatial generalized ordered logit model with conditional autoregressive priors

Behaviors of older pedestrians at crosswalks in South Korea

Calibration of inertial consistency models on North Carolina two-lane rural roads

Changing patterns of motor vehicle collision risk during winter storms: a new look at a pervasive problem

Comparison of Bayesian techniques for the before-after evaluation of the safety effectiveness of short 2+1 road sections

Evaluation of in-vehicle technologies to prevent unlicensed driving in Queensland and Victoria

Exploring the contribution of executive functions to on-road driving performance during aging: a latent variable analysis

Hidden figures behind two-vehicle crashes: an assessment of the risk and external costs of drunk driving in Spain

How instantaneous driving behavior contributes to crashes at intersections: extracting useful information from connected vehicle message data

How to trade safety against cost, time and other impacts of road safety measures

Impact of regulations to control alcohol consumption by drivers: an assessment of reduction in fatal traffic accident numbers in the Federal District, Brazil

Middle-aged Drivers' subjective categorization for combined alignments on mountainous freeways and their speed choices

Mobile device use while crossing the street: utilizing the theory of planned behavior

Regulatory focus, time perspective, locus of control and sensation seeking as predictors of risky driving behaviors

Review of average sized male and female occupant models in European regulatory safety assessment tests and European laws: gaps and bridging suggestions

Safety, security, and serviceability in road engineering

Sickness absence, disability pension and permanent medical impairment among 64 000 injured car occupants of working ages: a two-year prospective cohort study

Texting while walking: an expensive switch cost

The effect of cognitive distraction on perception-response time to unexpected abrupt and gradually onset roadway hazards