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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 128
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 25

A comparative analysis of black spot identification methods and road accident segmentation methods

A comprehensive railroad-highway grade crossing consolidation model: a machine learning approach

A vehicle speed harmonization strategy for minimizing inter-vehicle crash risks

Adaptive forward collision warnings: the impact of imperfect technology on behavioral adaptation, warning effectiveness and acceptance

Adequacy of negative binomial models for managing safety on rural local roads

Assessing the relationship between self-reported driving behaviors and driver risk using a naturalistic driving study

Could wearing motorcycle protective clothing compromise rider safety in hot weather?

Development and validation of a questionnaire to assess public receptivity toward autonomous vehicles and its relation with the traffic safety climate in China

Effects of longitudinal pavement edgeline condition on driver lane deviation

Estimation of heavy vehicle-involved rear-end crash potential using WIM data

Evaluate driver response to active warning system in level-2 automated vehicles

Exploring the effects of critical driving situations on driver perception time (PT) using SHRP2 naturalistic driving study data

Exposure to pedestrian crash based on household survey data: effect of trip purpose

How much space do drivers provide when passing cyclists? Understanding the impact of motor vehicle and infrastructure characteristics on passing distance

Identifying characteristics that impact motor carrier safety using Bayesian networks

Modeling correlation and heterogeneity in crash rates by collision types using full Bayesian random parameters multivariate Tobit model

On the relationship between road safety research and the practice of road design and operation

Red light cameras revisited. Recent evidence on red light camera safety effects

Self-reported aggression amongst active cyclists

Street-crossing workload in young and older pedestrians

The effects of public private partnerships on road safety outcomes

The relative risk of motor vehicle collision on cannabis celebration day in Great Britain

Traffic safety: rights and obligations

Turn signal use among car drivers and motorcyclists at intersections: a case study of Da Nang, Vietnam

Using crowd sourcing to locate and characterize conflicts for vulnerable modes