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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 131
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 33

"I Snapchat and Drive!" A mixed methods approach examining Snapchat use while driving and deterrent perceptions among young adults

A driving simulation study to examine the impact of available sight distance on driver behavior along rural highways

A full Bayes approach for traffic conflict-based before-after safety evaluation using extreme value theory

A geographically weighted regression to estimate the comprehensive cost of traffic crashes at a zonal level

A safety assessment of mixed fleets with connected and autonomous vehicles using the Surrogate Safety Assessment Module

Accounting for mediation in cyclist-vehicle crash models: a Bayesian mediation analysis approach

Adjusting finite sample bias in traffic safety modeling

Animal-vehicle collisions in Texas: how to protect travelers and animals on roadways

Association between higher-order driving instruction and risky driving behaviours: exploring the mediating effects of a self-regulated safety orientation

Driver and road characteristics associated with child pedestrian injuries

Driver-related risk factors of fatal road traffic crashes associated with alcohol or drug impairment

Drivers with child passengers: distracted but cautious?

Dual-target hazard perception: could identifying one hazard hinder a driver's capacity to find a second?

Endogenous commercial driver's traffic violations and freight truck-involved crashes on mainlines of expressway

Examining correlations between motorcyclist's conspicuity, apparel related factors and injury severity score: evidence from new motorcycle crash causation study

Explaining crash modification factors: why it's needed and how it might be done

In a heart beat: using driver's physiological changes to determine the quality of a takeover in highly automated vehicles

Investigating injury severities of motorcycle riders: a two-step method integrating latent class cluster analysis and random parameters logit model

Is that move safe? Case study of cyclist movements at intersections with cycling discontinuities

Modelling severity of pedestrian-injury in pedestrian-vehicle crashes with latent class clustering and partial proportional odds model: a case study of North Carolina

Multigroup invariance of the DAS across a random and an internet-sourced sample

Parent-adolescent bicycling safety communication and bicycling behavior

Pedestrian overpass use and its relationships with digital and social distractions, and overpass characteristics

Reducing the time loss bias: two ways to improved driving safety and energy efficiency

Safety aspects of riding with children: descriptive analysis of adult riders' self-report

Taxicab crashes modeling with informative spatial autocorrelation

The effectiveness and influencing factors of a penalty point system in China from the perspective of risky driving behaviors

The transportation safety of elderly pedestrians: modeling contributing factors to elderly pedestrian collisions

Topic analysis of road safety inspections using latent Dirichlet allocation: a case study of roadside safety in Irish main roads

Unsafe riding behaviors of shared-bicycle riders in urban China: a retrospective survey

Using telematics data to find risky driver behaviour

Vulnerable road users in low-, middle-, and high-income countries: validation of a pedestrian behaviour questionnaire

Working conditions and risk exposure of employees whose occupations require driving on public roads - factorial analysis and classification