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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 132
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 38

A clustering approach to developing car-to-two-wheeler test scenarios for the assessment of Automated Emergency Braking in China using in-depth Chinese crash data

A comparative study of safe and unsafe signalized intersections from the view point of pedestrian behavior and perception

A multivariate-based variable selection framework for clustering traffic conflicts in a Brazilian freeway

Analysis of commercial truck drivers' potentially dangerous driving behaviors based on 11-month digital tachograph data and multilevel modeling approach

Application of a model-based recursive partitioning algorithm to predict crash frequency

Bayesian spatial-temporal model for the main and interaction effects of roadway and weather characteristics on freeway crash incidence

Cannabis use in older drivers in Colorado: the LongROAD Study

Design guidelines for turbulence in traffic on Dutch motorways

Effects of roadwork characteristics and drivers' individual differences on speed preferences in a rural work zone

Estimating the effects of a studded footwear subsidy program on pedestrian falls among older adults in Gothenburg, Sweden

Estimating the occurrence of traffic accidents near school locations: a case study from Valencia (Spain) including several approaches

Estimation of traffic conflicts using precise lateral position and width of vehicles for safety assessment

Evaluating the predictive power of an SPF for two-lane rural roads with random parameters on out-of-sample observations

Experimental assessment of vehicle performance and injury risk for cutaway buses using tilt table and modified dolly rollover tests

Exploring microscopic driving volatility in naturalistic driving environment prior to involvement in safety critical events-concept of event-based driving volatility

Eye glances towards conflict-relevant cues: the roles of anticipatory competence and driver experience

Fatal crashes in the 5 years after recreational marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington

Freeway single and multi-vehicle crash safety analysis: influencing factors and hotspots

Gender differences in accident risk with e-bikes-Survey data from Norway

How does drivers' visual search change as a function of experience? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Human-like car-following model for autonomous vehicles considering the cut-in behavior of other vehicles in mixed traffic

Identification of differential risk hotspots for collision and vehicle type in a directed linear network

Identifying risk of poor physical and mental health recovery following a road traffic crash: an industry-specific screening tool

Improving freeway segment crash prediction models by including disaggregate speed data from different sources

Incorporating spatial effects into temporal dynamic of road traffic fatality risks: a case study on 48 lower states of the United States, 1975-2015

Investigation of the consequences of the modifiable areal unit problem in macroscopic traffic safety analysis: a case study accounting for scale and zoning

Macro-level accident modeling in Novi Sad: a spatial regression approach

Macroscopic road safety impacts of public transport: a case study of Melbourne, Australia

Mapping the knowledge domain of road safety studies: a scientometric analysis

Mobile phone related crashes among motorcycle taxi drivers

Modeling of time-dependent safety performance using anonymized and aggregated smartphone-based dangerous driving event data

Pedestrian injury severity in motor vehicle crashes: an integrated spatio-temporal modeling approach

Rank-ordering anti-speeding messages

Relationship between hazard-perception-test scores and proportion of hard-braking events during on-road driving - an investigation using a range of thresholds for hard-braking

Spatial analysis of traffic accidents near and between road intersections in a directed linear network

The influence of the revised reinforcement sensitivity theory on risk perception and intentions to speed in young male and female drivers

The road to recovery for vulnerable road users hospitalised for orthopaedic injury following an on-road crash

The role of pre-crash driving instability in contributing to crash intensity using naturalistic driving data