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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 134
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 16

A correlated random parameters tobit model to analyze the safety effects and temporal instability of factors affecting crash rates

A dual perspective on risk perception and its effect on safety behavior: a moderated mediation model of safety motivation, and supervisor's and coworkers' safety climate

Are riders of electric two-wheelers safer than bicyclists in collisions with motor vehicles?

Assessing pedestrian safety across modalities via a simulated vehicle time-to-arrival task

Detecting motorcycle helmet use with deep learning

Different demographic and drinking profiles of motorcyclists and car drivers with the first-time offense of driving/riding under the influence of alcohol

Evaluating pedestrian vehicle interaction dynamics at un-signalized intersections: a proactive approach for safety analysis

High-speed helmeted head impacts in motorcycling: a computational study

Innovative countermeasures for red light running prevention at signalized intersections: a driving simulator study

Pedestrian safety at signalized intersections: modelling spatial effects of exposure, geometry and signalization on a large urban network

Pedestrians distracted by their smartphone: are in-ground flashing lights catching their attention? A laboratory study

The epidemiology of pedestrian fatalities and substance use in Georgia, United States, 2007-2016

The role of striking and struck vehicles in side crashes between vehicles: Bayesian bivariate probit analysis in China

Trends in mortality from road traffic injuries in South Korea, 1983-2017: joinpoint regression and age-period-cohort analyses

Type 2 diabetes can undermine driving performance of middle-aged male drivers through its deterioration of perceptual and cognitive functions

Visual search and target detection during simulated driving in Parkinson's disease