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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 135
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

A pre-drive ocular assessment predicts alertness and driving impairment: a naturalistic driving study in shift workers

A systematic review of the association between fault or blame-related attributions and procedures after transport injury and health and work-related outcomes

An optimal network screening method of hotspot identification for highway crashes with dynamic site length

Assessing driver acceptance of technology that reduces mobile phone use while driving: the case of mobile phone applications

Can the use of road safety measures on national roads in Norway be interpreted as an informal application of the ALARP principle?

Cyclist-motor vehicle collisions before and after implementation of cycle tracks in Toronto, Canada

Descriptive analysis of the effect of back protector on the prevention of vertebral and thoracolumbar injuries in serious motorcycle accident

Do higher fuel prices help reduce road traffic accidents?

Drivers adapt - Be prepared for It!

Evaluation of penalty and enforcement strategies to combat speeding offences among professional drivers: a Hong Kong stated preference experiment

Exploratory analysis of automated vehicle crashes in California: a text analytics & hierarchical Bayesian heterogeneity-based approach

Highway crash detection and risk estimation using deep learning

Identifying the causes of road traffic collisions: using police officers' expertise to improve the reporting of contributory factors data

In the wrong place at the wrong time: moose and deer movement patterns influence wildlife-vehicle collision risk

Interregional inequality and road accident rates in Spain

Probabilistic temporal prediction of the deaths caused by traffic in Colombia. Mortality caused by traffic prediction

Real-time crash risk prediction on arterials based on LSTM-CNN

Safety climate: systematic literature network analysis of 38 years (1980-2018) of research

Short-term prediction of safety and operation impacts of lane changes in oscillations with empirical vehicle trajectories

The light is red: uncertainty behaviours displayed by pedestrians during illegal road crossing

The most difficult at-fault fatal crashes to avoid with current active safety technology

Using the scanners and drone for comparison of point cloud accuracy at traffic accident analysis

Worldwide research output trends on drinking and driving from 1956 to 2015