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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 137
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 18

"It is frustrating to not have control even though I know it's not legal!": A mixed-methods investigation on applications to prevent mobile phone use while driving

A composite zonal index for biking attractiveness and safety

A novel skateboarder-related near-crash identification method with roadside LiDAR data

Accounting for drivers' bicycling frequency and familiarity with bicycle infrastructure treatments when evaluating safety

Application of the Poisson-Tweedie distribution in analyzing crash frequency data

Are long-haul truck drivers unusually alert? A comparison with long-haul airline pilots

Detection of driver manual distraction via image-based hand and ear recognition

Do drivers self-regulate their engagement in secondary tasks at intersections? An examination based on naturalistic driving data

Investigating pedestrian waiting time at semi-controlled crossing locations: application of multi-state models for recurrent events analysis

Investigating the injury severity of single-vehicle truck crashes in a developing country

Looking for traces of the Troika's intervention in European road safety

Multitasking additional-to-driving: Prevalence, structure, and associated risk in SHRP2 naturalistic driving data

Past behaviours and future intentions: an examination of perceptual deterrence and alcohol consumption upon a range of drink driving events

Ready to bully automated vehicles on public roads?

Risk Assessment of Commercial dangerous -goods truck drivers using geo-location data: a case study in China

Road crossing decisions in real and virtual environments: a comparative study on simulator validity

The importance of flow composition in real-time crash prediction

Understanding the discretionary lane-changing behaviour in the connected environment