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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 142
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2020
Articles in SafetyLit: 27

Analyzing road near departures as failure-caused events

Application of association rules mining algorithm for hazardous materials transportation crashes on expressway

Are safety and performance affected by navigation system display size, environmental illumination, and gender when driving in both urban and rural areas?

Assessing hospital treatment for alcohol-related injury in Minnesota using 2000 - 2015 hospital discharge data: Opportunities and challenges

Cognitive anticipation cellular automata model: an attempt to understand the relation between the traffic states and rear-end collisions

Crash risk and subjective risk perception during urban cycling: evidence for congruent and incongruent sources

Detecting lane change maneuvers using SHRP2 naturalistic driving data: a comparative study machine learning techniques

Development and validation of a model predicting post-traumatic headache six months after a motor vehicle collision in adults

Effectiveness of child restraint legislation to reduce motor vehicle related serious injuries and fatalities: a national interrupted time series analysis

Effects of partial sleep deprivation on braking response of drivers in hazard scenarios

Estimating the number of traffic crash-related cervical spine injuries in the United States; an analysis and comparison of national crash and hospital data

Exploring the role of delta-V in influencing occupant injury severities - a mediation analysis approach to motor vehicle collisions

Exposure to a motor vehicle collision and the risk of future back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Factor structure of the family climate for road safety scale in emerging adults in the United States

Factors influencing pedestrians' decision to cross the road by risky rolling gap crossing strategy at intersections in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Highlighting bicyclist biological motion enhances their conspicuity in daylight

How do oncoming traffic and cyclist lane position influence cyclist overtaking by drivers?

Investigating safety effects of wider longitudinal pavement markings

Revisiting freeway single tunnel crash characteristics analysis: a six-zone analytic approach

Risks to pedestrians in traffic systems with unfamiliar driving rules: a virtual reality approach

Safety analysis of work zone complexity with respect to driver characteristics - a simulator study employing performance and gaze measures

Simulating automated emergency braking with and without Torricelli vacuum emergency braking for cyclists: effect of brake deceleration and sensor field-of-view on accidents, injuries and fatalities

Temporal stability of the factors related to the severity of drivers' injuries in rear-end collisions

The impact of a new casino on the motor vehicle crash patterns in suburban Maryland

The paradox of pedestrian's risk aversion

The role of control in risk perception on rural roads

Truck drivers' interaction with cyclists in right-turn situations