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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 27
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 1995
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

Behavioural characteristics and involvement in different types of traffic accident

Compatibility considerations for low-mass rigid-belt vehicles

Developing policies for automated speed enforcement: a survey of Michigan opinions

Effect of driving speed on reaction time during motorway driving

Emergency department and hospital admissions and deaths from traffic injuries in Barcelona, Spain. a one-year population-based study

Field effectiveness of two restraint systems: the 3-point manual belt versus the 2-point motorized-shoulder/manual lap belt

Influence of fatigue in nonfatal nighttime car accidents involving young male drivers

Lower extremity fractures in motor vehicle collisions: the role of driver gender and height

Nonfatal farm injuries in Ontario: a population-based survey

Perceived risk and modal choice: risk compensation in transportation systems

Personal and behavioral predictors of automobile crash and injury severity

Rejoinder to Field and Clarke

Rejoinder to Hemenway

Rejoinder to Mannering

Rollovers on sideslopes and ditches

Some implications of driver training for road accidents in Gaborone

The effects of motorcycle helmets upon seeing and hearing

The nature and source of the head injuries sustained by restrained front-seat car occupants in frontal collisions

The need for emergency department data in highway safety management systems

The relationship of age and state license renewal policies to driving licensure rates

The safety value of guardrails and crash cushions: a meta-analysis of evidence from evaluation studies

The safety value of guardrails and crash cushions: A meta-analysis of evidence from evaluation studies

Trends in highway safety: effects of an aging population on accident propensity