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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 36
Journal Issue: 6
Journal Year: 2004
Articles in SafetyLit: 22

A spatially disaggregate analysis of road casualties in England

A two-step medically based injury surveillance system--experiences from the Oslo injury register

An explorative study of the relationship between lifestyle and driving behaviour among young drivers

Bayesian spatial and ecological models for small-area accident and injury analysis

Comparison of reporting of seat belt use by police and crash investigators: variation in agreement by injury severity

Crash reduction following installation of centerline rumble strips on rural two-lane roads

Differences in safety belt use by race

Effects of lowering the legal BAC to 0.08 on single-vehicle-nighttime fatal traffic crashes in 19 jurisdictions

Effects of remote and in-person verbal interactions on verbalization rates and attention to dynamic spatial scenes

Estimating the relationship between accident frequency and homogeneous and inhomogeneous traffic flows

Freeway safety as a function of traffic flow

Identifying predictors of persistent non-alcohol or drug-related risky driving behaviours among a cohort of young adults

Impact of infrastructure and local environment on road unsafety: logistic modeling with spatial autocorrelation

Long term medical costs of motor vehicle casualties in Alberta (1999): a population-based, incidence approach

Possible aggregation biases in road safety research and a mechanism approach to accident modeling

Ranking and selection of motor carrier safety performance by commodity

Rural and urban traffic fatalities, vehicle miles, and population density

Sensitivity to punishment and sensitivity to reward and traffic violations

Some consequences of different older driver licensing procedures in Australia

Spatial analysis of alcohol-related motor vehicle crash injuries in southeastern Michigan

The burden of injuries in the Philippines: implications for national research policy

Wertheim's hypothesis on 'highway hypnosis': empirical evidence from a study on motorway and conventional road driving