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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 38
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2006
Articles in SafetyLit: 24

An artificial neural network-based expert system for the appraisal of two-car crash accidents

Asymmetric relationship between driving and safety skills

Attraction and distraction of attention with roadside advertisements

Collective responsibility for freeway rear-ending accidents? An application of probabilistic casual models

Crash costs in the United States by crash geometry

Crossing county lines: The impact of crash location and driver's residence on motor vehicle crash fatality

Economic deregulation and transport safety: A synthesis of evidence from evaluation studies

In-depth investigation of escalator riding accidents in heavy capacity MRT stations

Individual difference factors in risky driving: The roles of anger/hostility, conscientiousness, and sensation-seeking

Injury potential of a three-year-old Hybrid III dummy in forward and rearward facing positions under CMVSS 208 testing conditions

Is an armed society a polite society? Guns and road rage

Laws of accident causation

Misconceptions regarding case-control studies of bicycle helmets and head injury

Modeling motor vehicle crashes using Poisson-gamma models: Examining the effects of low sample mean values and small sample size on the estimation of the fixed dispersion parameter

Motorists' use of hand held cell phones in New Zealand: An observational study

Predicting severe head injury after light motor vehicle crashes: Implications for automatic crash notification systems

Prediction of human crowd pressures

Predictors of driving exposure and avoidance in a field study of older drivers from the state of Maryland

Segment characteristics and severity of head-on crashes on two-lane rural highways in Maine

The extreme value theory approach to safety estimation

Under-reporting of road crash casualties in France

Unsafe storage of poisons in homes with toddlers

Using data linkage to generate 30-day crash-fatality adjustment factors for Taiwan

Work-related maritime fatalities