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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 39
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2007
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

A strategy to reduce older driver injuries at intersections using more accommodating roundabout design practices

Accident proneness, does it exist? A review and meta-analysis

Bicycle helmets and brain injury

Breathing difficulty and tinnitus among children exposed to airbag deployment

Determining the potential safety benefit of improved lighting in three pedestrian crash scenarios

Economic development's effect on road transport-related mortality among different types of road users: A cross-sectional international study

Effective dialogues in driver education

Effectiveness and benefit-cost of peer-based workplace substance abuse prevention coupled with random testing

Empirical Bayes before-after safety studies: Lessons learned from two decades of experience and future directions

Errors and violations in relation to motorcyclists' crash risk

Estimating non-fatal road casualties in a large French county, using the capture-recapture method

Estimating the relationship between measured wind speed and overturning truck crashes using a binary logit model

Field use patterns and performance of child restraints secured by lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH)

On the nature of over-dispersion in motor vehicle crash prediction models

Predicting risky and angry driving as a function of gender

Rail safety and rail privatisation in Britain

Risky driving among young Australian drivers: Trends, precursors and correlates

Rough set approach for accident chains exploration

Safety effects of roundabouts in Flanders: Signal type, speed limits and vulnerable road users

Safety implications of providing real-time feedback to distracted drivers

School regulations governing bicycle helmet use and head injuries among Japanese junior high school students

Seat belt use among 13-15 year olds in primary and secondary enforcement law states

Short-term effects of countermeasures for improved safety and mobility at marked pedestrian crosswalks in Boras, Sweden

Survival of immersions during recreational boating events in Alaska, 1999-2004

The prevalence of, and factors associated with, serious crashes involving a distracting activity

Understanding children's injury-risk behavior: Wearing safety gear can lead to increased risk taking