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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 39
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2007
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

A crash-prediction model for multilane roads

A recommended specification for heavy vehicle rear underrun guards

An examination of the environmental attributes associated with pedestrian-vehicular crashes near public schools

Calcaneal fractures in occupants involved in severe frontal motor vehicle crashes

Corporate financial decision-makers' perceptions of workplace safety

Difficulties with quasi-induced exposure when speed varies systematically by vehicle type

Dynamic sagittal flexibility coefficients of the human cervical spine

Effects of major-road vehicle speed and driver age and gender on left-turn gap acceptance

Financial performance, ISO-9000 Standard and safe driving practices effects on accident rate in the U.S. motor carrier industry

Frequency of heavy episodic drinking among nonfatal injury patients attending an emergency room

Home injuries mortality: Sensitivity and specificity analysis of different data sources and operative definitions

Limits for survivability in frontal collisions: Theory and real-life data combined

Misunderstanding of right-of-way rules at various pedestrian crossing types: Observational study and survey

Modeling aggressive driver behavior at unsignalized intersections

Multilevel modelling for the regional effect of enforcement on road accidents

Neurocognitive characteristics of DUI recidivists

New methods to identify and rank high pedestrian crash zones: An illustration

Perception, attitudes and beliefs, and openness to change: Implications for older driver education

Relationship between quality of life and child traffic fatalities

The acceptability to older drivers of different types of licensing restriction

The use of hazard road signs to improve the perception of severe bends

Traffic signal phasing at intersections to improve safety for alcohol-affected pedestrians

Willingness to pay for road safety and estimates of the risk of death: Evidence from a Swedish contingent valuation study