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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 39
Journal Issue: 5
Journal Year: 2007
Articles in SafetyLit: 22

A joint econometric analysis of seat belt use and crash-related injury severity

Acceptability and concurrent validity of measures to predict older driver involvement in motor vehicle crashes: An Emergency Department pilot case-control study

Age-related differences in street-crossing decisions: The effects of vehicle speed and time constraints on gap selection in an estimation task

Antilock brakes and the risk of driver injury in a crash: A case-control study

Do laboratory frontal crash test programs predict driver fatality risk? Evidence from within vehicle line variation in test ratings

General deterrence effects of U.S. statutory DUI fine and jail penalties: long-term follow-up in 32 states

Light truck vehicles (LTVs) contribution to rear-end collisions

Pedestrian self-reports of factors influencing the use of pedestrian bridges

Predicting motor vehicle collisions using Bayesian neural network models: An empirical analysis

Predictors of seatbelt use in American Indian motor vehicle crash trauma victims on and off the reservation

Premature graduation of children in child restraint systems: An observational study

Presence and use of stair gates in homes with toddlers (11-18 months old)

Probabilistic models of motorcyclists' injury severities in single- and multi-vehicle crashes

Sequential forecast of incident duration using Artificial Neural Network models

The cost and risk impacts of rerouting railroad shipments of hazardous materials

The impact of outlet densities on alcohol-related crashes: A spatial panel approach

The risk of traffic accidents after prescriptions of Carisoprodol

The role of attention in horizontal curves: A comparison of advance warning, delineation, and road marking treatments

The role of motorcyclist and other driver behaviour in two types of serious accident in the UK

The social accident: A theoretical model and a research agenda for studying the influence of social and cultural characteristics on motor vehicle accidents

Where did that car come from? Crossing the road when the traffic comes from an unfamiliar direction

Working in light vehicles--a review and conceptual model for occupational health and safety