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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 40
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2008
Articles in SafetyLit: 51

A cross-cultural study of organizational factors on safety: Japanese vs. Taiwanese oil refinery plants

A method for evaluating collision avoidance systems using naturalistic driving data

A retrospective benefit-cost analysis of the 1997 stair-fall requirements for baby walkers

Aggressiveness propensity index for driving behavior at signalized intersections

Analysis of the individual factors affecting mobile phone use while driving in France: socio-demographic characteristics, car and phone use in professional and private contexts

Analyzing heterogeneous accident data from the perspective of accident occurrence

Chasing the silver bullet: Measuring driver fatigue using simple and complex tasks

Content analysis of 100 consecutive media reports of amusement ride accidents

Crash compatibility between cars and light trucks: Benefits of lowering front-end energy-absorbing structure in SUVs and pickups

Crash dieting: the effects of eating and drinking on driving performance

Decision making and personality in traffic offenders: A study of Israeli drivers

Determinants of traffic injuries in drivers and motorcyclists involved in an accident

Distribution and characteristics of road traffic crashes in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, China

Effects of electronic stability control (ESC) on accidents: A review of empirical evidence

Effects of using a portable navigation system and paper map in real driving

Epidemiology of bicycle injuries in 13 health divisions, Islamic Republic of Iran 2003

Error specific restrictions for older drivers: Promoting continued independence and public safety

Estimated cost of crashes in commercial drivers supports screening and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

Evaluation of community-based programs to increase booster seat use

Event-related potentials and secondary task performance during simulated driving

Exploratory study of fatigue in light and short haul transport drivers in NSW, Australia

Factors influencing subjective ranking of driver distractions

Geographical information systems aided traffic accident analysis system case study: city of Afyonkarahisar

Highway accident severities and the mixed logit model: An exploratory empirical analysis

Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis response to stress in male DUI recidivists

Identification of vehicle components associated with severe thoracic injury in motor vehicle crashes: A CIREN and NASS analysis

Impact of federal compliance reviews of trucking companies in reducing highway truck crashes

In my car the brake is on the right: Pedal errors among older drivers

International variation in clinical injury incidence: Exploring the performance of indicators based on health care, anatomical and outcome criteria

Is an alcohol ignition interlock programme a useful tool for changing the alcohol and driving habits of drink-drivers?

Mobile telephones, distracted attention, and pedestrian safety

Modeling left-turn crash occurrence at signalized intersections by conflicting patterns

Motorcyclist fatality rates and mandatory helmet-use laws

News, music videos and action movie exposure and adolescents' intentions to take risks in traffic

Observations of how drivers fasten their seatbelts in relation to various startup tasks

Older drivers, medical condition, medical impairment and crash risk

Passenger car collision fatalities - with special emphasis on collisions with heavy vehicles

Psychosocial function of driving as predictor of risk-taking behaviour

Reducing red light running through longer yellow signal timing and red light camera enforcement: Results of a field investigation

Risk factors for pelvic fractures in lateral impact motor vehicle crashes

Risky driving among young Australian drivers II: Co-occurrence with other problem behaviours

Road crash involvement and professional status: A prospective study using the French Gazel cohort

Severity of driver injury and vehicle damage in traffic crashes at intersections: A Bayesian hierarchical analysis

Sustainability of the effects of the demerit points system on seat belt use: A region-wide before-and-after observational study in Italy

The epidemiology and cost of falls requiring hospitalisation in children in Western Australia: A study using linked administrative data

The impact of driver age on lost life years for other road users in France: A population based study of crash-involved road users

The influence of driver distraction on the severity of injuries sustained by teenage drivers and their passengers

The relationship between job tenure and work disability absence among adults: A prospective study

Using non-linear methods to investigate the criterion validity of traffic-psychological test batteries

Validating a driving simulator using surrogate safety measures

Young drivers -- Reduced crash risk with passengers in the vehicle