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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 40
Journal Issue: 2
Journal Year: 2008
Articles in SafetyLit: 51

A comparison of self-reported motor vehicle collision injuries compared with official collision data: An analysis of age and sex trends using the Canadian National Population Health Survey and Transport Canada data

Alcohol consumption among recreational boaters: Factors for intervention

An assessment of the relevance of laboratory and motorcycling tests for investigating time of day and sleep deprivation influences on motorcycling performance

An implicit non-self-report measure of attitudes to speeding: Development and validation

Assessing the awareness of performance decrements in distracted drivers

Assessment of driving after stroke: A pluri-disciplinary task

Capturing attention to brake lamps

Coding external causes of injuries: Problems and solutions

Comparison of roadside crash injury metrics using event data recorders

Daytime driving simulation performance and sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnoea patients

Developing a driving Safety Index using a Delphi stated preference experiment

Differences of drivers' reaction times according to age and mental workload

Escalator-related injuries among older adults in the United States, 1991-2005

Exploring motorcyclist injury severity in approach-turn collisions at T-junctions: Focusing on the effects of driver's failure to yield and junction control measures

Factors associated with the all-terrain vehicle mortality rate in the United States: An analysis of state-level data

Factors associated with the premature graduation of children into seatbelts

High re-arrest rates among drug-impaired drivers despite zero-tolerance legislation

Identifying social mechanisms for the prevention of adolescent drinking and driving

Initial age of unlicensed motorcycling experience for a cohort of high school students

Lane change behavior with a side blind zone alert system

Magnitude and categories of pedestrian fatalities in South Africa

Masculinity causes speeding in young men

Mitigating driver distraction with retrospective and concurrent feedback

Mixed logit analysis of safety-belt use in single- and multi-occupant vehicles

Modeling motor vehicle crashes for street racers using zero-inflated models

Modeling safe and unsafe driving behaviour

Narrative text analysis of Kentucky tractor fatality reports

Quantile regression provides a fuller analysis of speed data

Rear seat safer: Seating position, restraint use and injuries in children in traffic crashes in Victoria, Australia

Relationships between young drivers' personality characteristics, risk perceptions, and driving behaviour

Risk factors and prevention for spinal cord injury from diving in swimming pools and natural sites in Quebec, Canada: A 44-year study

Risk perception of driving as a function of advanced training aimed at recognizing and handling risks in demanding driving situations

Routes to failure: Analysis of 41 civil aviation accidents from the Republic of China using the human factors analysis and classification system

Safety effects of blue cycle crossings: A before-after study

Safety effects of the separation distances between driveway exits and downstream U-turn locations

Safety improvements through Intelligent Transport Systems: A South African case study based on microscopic simulation modelling

Statistical analysis of"looked-but-failed-to-see"accidents: Highlighting the involvement of two distinct mechanisms

Stereotype threat increases the likelihood that female drivers in a simulator run over jaywalkers

Testing assumptions implicit in the use of the 15-second rule as an early predictor of whether an in-vehicle device produces unacceptable levels of distraction

The consequences of an increase in heavy goods vehicles for passenger car drivers' mental workload and behaviour: A simulator study

The contribution of stereo vision to the control of braking

The Dula Dangerous Driving Index: An investigation of reliability and validity across cultures

The effects of practice with MP3 players on driving performance

The effects of roundabouts on traffic safety for bicyclists: An observational study

The effects of safety climate on vessel accidents in the container shipping context

The Hispanic Americans Baseline Alcohol Survey (HABLAS): Rates and predictors of DUI across Hispanic national groups

The influence of body mass index on thoracic injuries in frontal impacts

Thoracic and lumbar spinal impact tolerance

Tobit analysis of vehicle accident rates on interstate highways

Validity and reliability of the on-road driving assessment with senior drivers

Why Turks do not use seat belts? An interview study