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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 40
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2008
Articles in SafetyLit: 47

'Low mileage bias' and related policy implications: A cautionary note

A community-based intervention to reduce alcohol-related accidents and violence in 9th grade students in southern Sweden: The example of the Trelleborg Project

A mixed generalized ordered response model for examining pedestrian and bicyclist injury severity level in traffic crashes

A multivariate Poisson-lognormal regression model for prediction of crash counts by severity, using Bayesian methods

Acceptability and validity of older driver screening with the Driving HealthTM Inventory

Accidents in family forestry's firewood production

Adult supervision and pediatric injuries in the agricultural worksite

Alertness maintaining tasks (AMTs) while driving

Application of the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson generalized linear model for analyzing motor vehicle crashes

Are SUVs dangerous vehicles?

Assessing the safety benefits of an advanced vehicular technology for protecting pedestrians

Association between the number of home injury hazards and home injury

Calibration and validation of simulated vehicle safety performance at signalized intersections

Car drivers' attitudes towards motorcyclists: A survey

Characteristics of DUI offenders convicted in wet, dry, and moist counties

Child restraint seat use behavior and attitude among Japanese mothers

Cognitive failures as predictors of driving errors, lapses, and violations

Crash characteristics of older pedestrian fatalities: Dementia pathology may be related to 'at risk' traffic situations

Cyclists' perception of risk in roundabouts

Dimensions of road safety problems and their measurement

Driver irritation and aggressive behaviour

Driving simulator for speed research on two-lane rural roads

Effectiveness of the black spot programs in Western australia

Effects of THC on driving performance, physiological state and subjective feelings relative to alcohol

Functional changes in cerebral and paraspinal muscle physiology of healthy women during exposure to whole-body vibration

Head injury prediction capability of the HIC, HIP, SIMon and ULP criteria

How important is vehicle safety in the new vehicle purchase process?

Less is more: The influence of traffic count on drinking and driving behaviour

Limits of the quasi-induced exposure method when compared with the standard case-control design. Application to the estimation of risks associated with driving under the influence of cannabis or alcohol

Methodology for estimating the variance and confidence intervals for the estimate of the product of baseline models and AMFs

Modeling violation of Hawaii's crosswalk law

Optimization of aeromedical base locations in New Mexico using a model that considers crash nodes and paths

Power computations in time series analyses for traffic safety interventions

Risky attitudes towards road use in pre-drivers

Road safety management by objectives: A critical analysis of the Norwegian approach

Studying the effect of weather conditions on daily crash counts using a discrete time-series model

Teen driver crash risk and associations with smoking and drowsy driving

The effects of in-vehicle tasks and time-gap selection while reclaiming control from adaptive cruise control (ACC) with bus simulator

The epidemiology of pregnancy-associated emergency department injury visits and their impact on birth outcomes

The experiences and perceptions of heavy vehicle drivers and train drivers of dangers at railway level crossings

The importance of self-regulatory and goal-conflicting processes in the avoidance of drunk driving among Greek young drivers

The incidence of shopping cart-related injuries in the United States, 2002-2006

The influence of road curvature on fatal crashes in New Zealand

The rate of change of acceleration: Implications to head kinematics during rear-end impacts

Tiring job and work related injury road crashes in the GAZEL cohort

Warning symbols as reminders of hazards: Impact of training

Willingness to use safety belt and levels of injury in car accidents