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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 40
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2008
Articles in SafetyLit: 47

A logistic model of the effects of roadway, environmental, vehicle, crash and driver characteristics on hit-and-run crashes

A meta-analysis of the effects of cell phones on driver performance

Alcohol and fatal accidents in the United States-A time series analysis for 1950-2002

Are OSAS patients impaired in their driving ability on a circuit with medium traffic density?

Barriers to, and factors associated, with observed motorcycle helmet use in Vietnam

Behaviourally relevant road categorisation: A step towards self-explaining rural roads

Car driver casualty rates in Great Britain by type of car

Children at risk: Predictors of car safety seat misuse in Ontario

Chinese truck drivers' attitudes toward feedback by technology: A quantitative approach

Combining road safety information in a performance index

Comparison of methods to correct the miscounting of multiple episodes of care when estimating the incidence of hospitalised injury in child motor vehicle passengers

Decomposing the impact of deprivation on child pedestrian casualties in England

Defining the"older"crash victim: The relationship between age and serious injury in motor vehicle crashes

Distinguishing traffic modes in analysing road safety development

Effect of wheelchair headrest use on pediatric head and neck injury risk outcomes during rear impact

Evaluation of automated speed enforcement on Loop 101 freeway in Scottsdale, Arizona

Evaluation of Iowa's graduated driver's licensing program

Fear and danger appraisals of a road-crossing scenario: A developmental perspective

Gender and age distribution of occupational fatalities in Taiwan

Gender and injury in Finnish comprehensive schools

How many accidents are needed to show a difference?

Impact of perceptual treatments on lateral control during driving on crest vertical curves: A driving simulator study

Industrial and occupational ergonomics in the petrochemical process industry: A regression trees approach

Influence of anthropometry on the kinematics of the cervical spine and the risk of injury in sled tests in female volunteers

Injury risks between first- and second-generation airbags in frontal motor vehicle collisions

Investigating the effects of the fixed and varying dispersion parameters of Poisson-gamma models on empirical Bayes estimates

Is driving under the influence of cannabis becoming a greater risk to driver safety than drink driving? Findings from a longitudinal study

Modelling area-wide count outcomes with spatial correlation and heterogeneity: An analysis of London crash data

Observed seatbelt usage among drivers of heavy commercial vehicles in Utah

Pediatric lumbar Chance fractures in British Columbia: Chart review and analysis of the use of shoulder restraints in MVAs

Predicting motor vehicle crashes using Support Vector Machine models

Predicting road crashes from a mathematical model of alertness regulation-The Sleep/Wake Predictor

Primary prevention of drink driving by the large-scale use of alcolocks in commercial vehicles

Self-regulatory driving practices among older adults: Health, age and sex effects

The choice of statistical models in road safety countermeasure effectiveness studies in Iowa

The development of a method to measure speed adaptation to traffic complexity: Identifying novice, unsafe, and overconfident drivers

The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire in Arab Gulf countries: Qatar and United Arab Emirates

The influence of damage distribution on serious brain injury in occupants in frontal motor vehicle crashes

The influence of vehicle damage on injury severity of drivers in head-on motor vehicle crashes

The relationship of underage drinking laws to reductions in drinking drivers in fatal crashes in the United States

The role of looming and attention capture in drivers' braking responses

Traffic accident segmentation by means of latent class clustering

Underreporting in traffic accident data, bias in parameters and the structure of injury severity models

Use of cultural consensus analysis to evaluate expert feedback of median safety

Using multiple datasets to understand trends in serious road traffic casualties

Validation of virtual reality as a tool to understand and prevent child pedestrian injury

Young people's perceptions of traffic injury risks, prevention and enforcement measures: A qualitative study