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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 40
Journal Issue: 6
Journal Year: 2008
Articles in SafetyLit: 39

A population based estimation of the driver protection provided by passenger cars: France 1996-2005

A survey of operational definitions of hazardous road locations in some European countries

Adapting the Propensity for Angry Driving Scale for use in Australian research

An application of the theory of planned behaviour to truck driving behaviour and compliance with regulations

Analysis of traffic accident size for Korean highway using structural equation models

Beliefs and behaviours relevant to the road safety effects of profile lane-marking

China belting up or down? Seat belt wearing trends in Nanjing and Zhoushan

Compliance of Ultra-Orthodox and secular pedestrians with traffic lights in Ultra-Orthodox and secular locations

Corrigendum to:"Car driver casualty rates in Great Britain by type of car"

Dialling and driving: Factors influencing intentions to use a mobile phone while driving

Do age-based mandatory assessments reduce older drivers' risk to other road users?

Effect of consecutive driving on accident risk: A comparison between passenger and freight train driving

Elderly drivers: Future challenges?

Estimating the distribution of external causes in hospital data from injury diagnosis

Evaluation of child safety seat checkpoint events

Evaluation of electronic stability control effectiveness in Australasia

Exploring the effects of lifestyle, sleep factors and driving behaviors on sleep-related road risk: A study of Greek drivers

Hospitalized head injuries in agricultural settings: Who are the vulnerable groups?

Identifying repeat DUI crash factors using state crash records

Improper motorcycle helmet use in provincial areas of a developing country

In defence of the 'low-mileage bias'

Individuals taking a French driving licence points recovery course: Their attitudes towards violations

Injuries to belted older children in motor vehicle crashes

Inter-group differences in road-traffic crash involvement

Marginal effect of increasing ageing drivers on injury crashes

Methods to mitigate injury to toddlers in near-side impact crashes

Metropolitan economic decline and infant mortality due to unintentional injury

Modeling fault among accident-involved pedestrians and motorists in Hawaii

Predictors of injury among younger and older adults in fatal motor vehicle crashes

Road crashes involving animals in Australia

Safety impacts due to the incompatibility of SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks in two-vehicle collisions

Shifting attention across near and far spaces: Implications for the use of hands-free cell phones while driving

Short-term physical limitations in children following motor vehicle crashes

Statistical comparisons of the crash characteristics on highways between construction time and non-construction time

The alerting effect of hitting a rumble strip-A simulator study with sleepy drivers

The Driver Prioritisation Questionnaire: Exploring drivers' self-report visual priorities in a range of driving scenarios

The effects of health status, distress, alcohol and medicinal drug use on subsequent motor vehicle injuries

The predictive validity of empirical Bayes estimates of road safety

Unintentional drowning in northern Iran: a population-based study