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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 41
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2009
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

A note on modeling vehicle accident frequencies with random-parameters count models

Age-related differences in visual scanning at median-divided highway intersections in rural areas

Alcohol and drugs in fatally and non-fatally injured motor vehicle drivers in northern Sweden

An area-level model of vehicle-pedestrian injury collisions with implications for land use and transportation planning

Analytical HFACS for investigating human errors in shipping accidents

Benchmarking road safety: Lessons to learn from a data envelopment analysis

Correcting erroneous crash locations in transportation safety analysis

Driver-initiated distractions: Examining strategic adaptation for in-vehicle task initiation

Driving while conversing: cell phones that distract and passengers who react

Effects of road lighting: An analysis based on Dutch accident statistics 1987-2006

Evaluation of the Boost 'em in the Back Seat Program: Using fear and efficacy to increase booster seat use

Exploring precrash maneuvers using classification trees and random forests

Impact of speed change on estimated journey time: Failure of drivers to appreciate relevance of initial speed

Interactions between rail and road safety in Great Britain

Misclassification of injury severity among road casualties in police reports

Navigational conversation impairs concurrent distance judgments

Non-collision injuries in urban buses -- strategies for prevention

Risk factors for a farm vehicle public road crash

The effects of an exercise program on several abilities associated with driving performance in older adults

The impact of a home visitation programme on household hazards associated with unintentional childhood injuries: a randomised controlled trial

The influence of heavy goods vehicle traffic on accidents on different types of Spanish interurban roads

The perception of causes of accidents in mountain sports: a study based on the experiences of victims

The role of risk-propensity in the risky driving of younger drivers

The safety of vehicles imported from right-hand-drive vehicle configuration countries when operated in a left-hand-drive vehicle environment

Trends in driving under the influence of drugs: a register-based study of DUID suspects during 1977-2007

Using the Attention Network Test to predict driving test scores