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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 41
Journal Issue: 5
Journal Year: 2009
Articles in SafetyLit: 31

A novel approach for analyzing severe crash patterns on multilane highways

Accident prediction models with random corridor parameters

An evaluation of graduated driver licensing programs in North America using a meta-analytic approach

Child pedestrian safety: parental supervision, modeling behaviors, and beliefs about child pedestrian competence

Comparison of manual vs. speech-based interaction with in-vehicle information systems

Drivers' misjudgement of vigilance state during prolonged monotonous daytime driving

Effects of alcohol impairment on motorcycle riding skills

Effects of in-vehicle warning information on drivers' decelerating and accelerating behaviors near an arch-shaped intersection

Evaluation of experience-based fatigue countermeasures

Factors correlated with traffic accidents as a basis for evaluating advanced driver assistance systems

Fatal falls among Hispanic construction workers

Identification of differences between rural and urban safety cultures

Modelling the effects of land use and temporal factors on child pedestrian casualties

Occupational safety: the role of workplace sleepiness

Overweight children: are they at increased risk for severe injury in motor vehicle collisions?

Personality, safety attitudes and risky driving behaviors--evidence from young Taiwanese motorcyclists

Proposal for territorial distribution of the 2010 EU road safety target

Recognition of home injury risks by novice parents of toddlers

Red light for red-light cameras? A meta-analysis of the effects of red-light cameras on crashes

Reducing the disruptive effects of interruption: a cognitive framework for analysing the costs and benefits of intervention strategies

Social cognitive determinants of the intention to wear safety gear among adult in-line skaters

Stop versus yield on pedestrian-involved fatal crashes in the United States

Survival hazards of road environment factors between motor-vehicles and motorcycles

The association between price of regular-grade gasoline and injury and mortality rates among occupants involved in motorcycle- and automobile-related motor vehicle collisions

The burden of road trauma due to other people's drinking

The effects of drink-driving checkpoints on crashes--a meta-analysis

The impact of remedial intervention on 3-year recidivism among first-time DUI offenders in Mississippi

The outcome from legalizing Sunday packaged alcohol sales on traffic accidents in New Mexico

Urban and rural differences in older drivers' failure to stop at stop signs

Validation of the Australian Propensity for Angry Driving Scale (Aus-PADS)

Wakefulness in young and elderly subjects driving at night in a car simulator