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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 42
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2010
Articles in SafetyLit: 57

A fully Bayesian multivariate approach to before-after safety evaluation

A method to account for outliers in the development of safety performance functions

A population-based study on the prevalence and correlates of drinking and driving in Hong Kong

A review of the validity of the underlying assumptions of quasi-induced exposure

Aberrant driving behaviors: a study of drivers in Beijing

Age, skill, and hazard perception in driving

An econometric analysis of the effects of the penalty points system driver's license in Spain

An empirical analysis of farm vehicle crash injury severities on Iowa's public road system

Can the traffic locus of control (T-LOC) scale be successfully used to predict Swedish drivers' speeding behaviour?

Car-to-pedestrian collision reconstruction with injury as an evaluation index

Cause, effect and regression in road safety: a case study

Comparing the cost of alcohol-related traffic crashes in rural and urban environments

Comparison between younger and older drivers of the effect of obstacle direction on the minimum obstacle distance to brake and avoid a motor vehicle accident

Cycling to work in Brazil: users profile, risk behaviors, and traffic accident occurrence

Cyclists in roundabouts--different design solutions

Decreased use of cervical spine clearance in blunt trauma: the implication of the injury mechanism and distracting injury

Development of a Chinese motorcycle rider driving violation questionnaire

Development of comprehensive accident models for two-lane rural highways using exposure, geometry, consistency and context variables

Driver responses to green and red vehicular signal countdown displays: safety and efficiency aspects

Driving under the influence of alcohol: examining ethno-specific rates and the mediating effects of psychological distress and harmful and problematic drinking

Early identification of children at risk of unintentional injury: a sensation seeking scale for children 2-5 years of age

Effectiveness of hands-on education for correct child restraint use by parents

Effectiveness of UK motorway services areas in reducing sleep-related and other collisions

Effects of color scheme and message lines of variable message signs on driver performance

Ex-ante assessment of the safety effects of intelligent transport systems

Examination of driving comfort and self-regulatory practices in older adults using in-vehicle devices to assess natural driving patterns

Gender differences in factors predicting unsafe crossing decisions in adult pedestrians across the lifespan: a simulation study

Generalization of case studies in road traffic when defining pre-crash scenarios for active safety function evaluation

Geographic and sociodemographic variation in self-reported seat belt use in the United States

Influence of pre-collision occupant parameters on injury outcome in a frontal collision

Investigating the effect of modeling single-vehicle and multi-vehicle crashes separately on confidence intervals of Poisson-gamma models

Logistic regression analysis of pedestrian casualty risk in passenger vehicle collisions in China

Media framing of graduated licensing policy debates

Mortality and injury patterns associated with roof crush in rollover crashes

Near peripheral motion detection threshold correlates with self-reported failures of attention in younger and older drivers

Older drivers' road traffic crashes in the UK

Operational safety practices as determinants of machinery-related injury on Saskatchewan farms

Operator error and system deficiencies: analysis of 508 mining incidents and accidents from Queensland, Australia using HFACS

Optimization of a reversible hood for protecting a pedestrian's head during car collisions

Pedestrian behavior and safety on a two-stage crossing with a center refuge island and the effect of winter weather on pedestrian compliance rate

Pedestrian injuries in eight European countries: an analysis of hospital discharge data

Pedestrians in wintertime-effects of using anti-slip devices

Pedestrians' injury patterns in Ghana

Pediatric anthropometrics are inconsistent with current guidelines for assessing rider fit on all-terrain vehicles

Psychological predictors of college students' cell phone use while driving

Rail safety and rail privatisation in Japan

Self-reported road traffic violations in France and how they have changed since 1983

Severe-to-fatal head injuries in motor vehicle impacts

Teen driving exposure in Michigan: demographic and behavioral characteristics

Texting while driving: psychosocial influences on young people's texting intentions and behaviour

The development and validation of two complementary measures of drivers' hazard perception ability

The probability of death in road traffic accidents. How important is a quick medical response?

The social aspects of safety management: trust and safety climate

Unintentional firearm deaths: a comparison of other-inflicted and self-inflicted shootings

Why some road safety problems are more difficult to solve than others

Willingness to pay for private and public road safety in stated preference studies: why the difference?

Young drivers' attitudes toward accompanied driving: a new multidimensional measure