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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 42
Journal Issue: 6
Journal Year: 2010
Articles in SafetyLit: 82

A comparative Full Bayesian before-and-after analysis and application to urban road safety countermeasures in New Jersey

A matched-cohort analysis of belted front and rear seat occupants in newer and older model vehicles shows that gains in front occupant safety have outpaced gains for rear seat occupants

A note on modeling pedestrian-injury severity in motor-vehicle crashes with the mixed logit model

A probabilistic quantitative risk assessment model for the long-term work zone crashes

Accident rates and types among self-employed private forest owners

Adolescent drivers' perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of abstention from in-vehicle cell phone use

Alcohol and driving factors in collision risk

Alcohol-related impairment in the Lane Change Task

Analysis of needlestick injuries among nursing students in Hong Kong

Analyzing fault in pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes in North Carolina

Analyzing the influence of median cross-section design on highway safety using vehicle dynamics simulations

Are airbags a dangerous safety measure? A meta-analysis of the effects of frontal airbags on driver fatalities

Attitudes towards current and lowered speed limits in Australia

Beachgoers' beliefs and behaviours in relation to beach flags and rip currents

Bicycle crash casualties in a highly motorized city

Bicycle injuries in children: An analysis based on demographic density

Child pedestrian anthropometry: evaluation of potential impact points during a crash

Commentary training improves responsiveness to hazards in a driving simulator

Commuting by bike in Belgium, the costs of minor accidents

Comparison of a linear and a non-linear model for using sensory-motor, cognitive, personality, and demographic data to predict driving ability in healthy older adults

Correlates of motorcycle helmet use among recent graduates of a motorcycle training course

Critical factors in fatal collisions of adult cyclists with automobiles

Cultural values and governance quality as correlates of road traffic fatalities: A nation level analysis

Deer-vehicle collisions, deer density, and land use in Iowa's urban deer herd management zones

Discrete distributions when modeling the disability severity score of motor victims

Effect of bus size and operation to crash occurrences

Effects of osteoporosis on AIS 3+ injury risk in motor-vehicle crashes

Empirical calibration of a roadside hazardousness index for Spanish two-lane rural roads

Estimation of rear-end crash potential using vehicle trajectory data

Evaluating pedestrian crashes in areas with high low-income or minority populations

Evaluation of traffic safety, based on micro-level behavioural data: Theoretical framework and first implementation

Evolution of the crashworthiness and aggressivity of the Spanish car fleet

Examining relationships between anxiety and dangerous driving

Examining the influence of aggressive driving behavior on driver injury severity in traffic crashes

Excess accident risk among residents of deprived areas

Expectations while car following-The consequences for driving behaviour in a simulated driving task

Exploring differential trends in severe and fatal child pedestrian injury in New South Wales, Australia (1997-2006)

Externality of risk and crash severity at roundabouts

Female involvement in U.S. nonfatal crashes under a three-level hierarchical crash model

Hazard perception as a function of target location and the field of view

Identifying crash-prone locations with quantile regression

Injury to recreational and professional cricket players: Circumstances, type and potential for intervention

Invulnerability and the intention to drink and drive: An application of the theory of planned behavior

Long-term effect of the North Carolina graduated driver licensing system on licensed driver crash incidence: A 5-year survival analysis

Median barrier crash severity: Some new insights

Methodology of estimating restraint use in children: Roadside observation or parking lot interview survey

Modeling of dynamic vehicle-road interactions for safety-related road evaluation

Multilevel data and Bayesian analysis in traffic safety

Nilsson's Power Model connecting speed and road trauma: Applicability by road type and alternative models for urban roads

Parental and offspring assessment of driving capability under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Gender and inter-generational differences

Pedestrian injury mitigation by autonomous braking

Population-level estimates of child restraint practices among children aged 0-12 years in NSW, Australia

Potential risk of using General Estimates System: Bicycle safety

Predictors of driving after alcohol and drug use among adolescents in Valencia (Spain)

Preferences for lives, injuries, and age: A stated preference survey

Priorities of pedestrian protection-A real-life study of severe injuries and car sources

Quantifying safety benefit of winter road maintenance: Accident frequency modeling

Reduction of the blood alcohol concentration limit in Norway-Effects on knowledge, behavior and accidents

Relating safety, productivity and company type for motor-manual logging operations in the Italian Alps

Safety management practices and safety behaviour: Assessing the mediating role of safety knowledge and motivation

Sources of uncertainty in estimated benefits of road safety programmes

Speed cameras in Sweden and Victoria, Australia-A case study

Speeding and the time-saving bias: How drivers' estimations of time saved in higher speed affects their choice of speed

Swimming between the flags: A preliminary exploration of the influences on Australians' intentions to swim between the flags at patrolled beaches

That's close enough-A threshold effect of time headway on the experience of risk, task difficulty, effort, and comfort

The blind date: the effects of change blindness, passenger conversation and gender on looked-but-failed-to-see (LBFTS) errors

The direct and indirect effects of corruption on motor vehicle crash deaths

The effect of alcohol, THC and their combination on perceived effects, willingness to drive and performance of driving and non-driving tasks

The effect of daily-activity patterns on crash involvement

The effect of safety climate on seafarers' safety behaviors in container shipping

The effects of visibility conditions, traffic density, and navigational challenge on speed compensation and driving performance in older adults

The impact response of motorcycle helmets at different impact severities

The prevalence of drugs in motor vehicle accidents and traffic violations in Shanghai and neighboring cities

The social cognitive determinants of offending drivers' speeding behaviour

Traffic calming along rural highways crossing small urban communities: Driving simulator experiment

Triage and Injury Severity Scores as predictors of mortality and hospital admission for injuries: A validation study

Using endemic road features to create self-explaining roads and reduce vehicle speeds

Vehicle child restraint usage for Pacific children aged 6 weeks to 4 years: Findings from the Pacific Islands Families study

Vehicle occupant injury severity on highways: An empirical investigation

What you find is not always what you fix--How other aspects than causes of accidents decide recommendations for remedial actions

Work characteristics associated with injury among light/short-haul transport drivers

Young novice driver subtypes: Relationship to driving violations, errors and lapses