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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 43
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2011
Articles in SafetyLit: 59

"Safety in Numbers" re-examined: Can we make valid or practical inferences from available evidence?

A comparison of workplace safety perceptions among financial decision-makers of medium- vs. large-size companies

A comprehensive analysis of factors influencing the injury severity of large-truck crashes

A full Bayes multivariate intervention model with random parameters among matched pairs for before-after safety evaluation

A hazard perception test for novice drivers

A residential location approach to traffic safety: Two case studies from Germany

A study of the effectiveness of Electronic Stability Control in Canada

Analysis of large truck crash severity using heteroskedastic ordered probit models

Analysis of traffic accident injury severity on Spanish rural highways using Bayesian networks

Analyzing angle crashes at unsignalized intersections using machine learning techniques

Assessing causality in multivariate accident models

Comparison of factors influencing emergency department visits and hospitalization among drivers in work and nonwork-related motor vehicle crashes in Utah, 1999-2005

Computing what the public wants: Some issues in road safety cost-benefit analysis

Determination of pre-impact occupant postures and analysis of consequences on injury outcome-Part II: Biomechanical study

Determination of pre-impact occupant postures and analysis of consequences on injury outcome. Part I: A driving simulator study

Developing a tool to measure safe recreational boating practice

Differing types of cellular phone conversations and dangerous driving

Early predictors of injury mortality among Swedish conscripts: A 35-year cohort study

Effect of a road safety training program on drivers' comparative optimism

Effect of street pattern on the severity of crashes involving vulnerable road users

Effects of roadside memorials on traffic flow

Enhancing hazard avoidance in teen-novice riders

Evaluation of the Click It or Ticket intervention in Utah

Excellent gamer, excellent driver? The impact of adolescents' video game playing on driving behavior: A two-wave panel study

Fatal train accidents on Europe's railways: 1980-2009

Gasoline prices and their relationship to drunk-driving crashes

Identification and validation of a logistic regression model for predicting serious injuries associated with motor vehicle crashes

Individual and occupational factors related to fatal occupational injuries: A case-control study

Is a combined enforcement and penalty strategy effective in combating red light violations? An aggregate model of violation behavior in Hong Kong

Licence restrictions as an under-used strategy in managing older driver safety

Limits of spatial attention in three-dimensional space and dual-task driving performance

Literature review of pedestrian fatality risk as a function of car impact speed

Longitudinal relationship between economic development and occupational accidents in China

Modeling animal-vehicle collisions using diagonal inflated bivariate Poisson regression

Mortality from road traffic accidents in Switzerland: Longitudinal and spatial analyses

Multi-scale traffic safety and operational performance study of large trucks on mountainous interstate highway

Participatory ergonomics: Development of an employee assessment questionnaire

Pedestrian crash estimation models for signalized intersections

Pediatric short-distance household falls: Biomechanics and associated injury severity

Predictive factors of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder 6 months after a road traffic accident

Prevalence rates of helmet use among motorcycle riders in a developed region in China

Quantification method analysis of the relationship between occupant injury and environmental factors in traffic accidents

Riding through red lights: The rate, characteristics and risk factors of non-compliant urban commuter cyclists

Safety climate and safety behavior in the passenger ferry context

Safety impact of Gateway Monuments

Situational and personal characteristics associated with adverse weather encounters by pilots

Spying or steering? Views of parents of young novice drivers on the use and ethics of driver-monitoring technologies

Supporting drivers in forming correct expectations about transitions between rural road categories

Temporal variations in road traffic fatalities in South Africa

The choice to text and drive in younger drivers: Behavior may shape attitude

The contribution of a novel intervention to enhance safe driving among young drivers in Israel

The determinants of bicycle helmet use: Evidence from Germany

The impact of climate change on winter road maintenance and traffic accidents in West Midlands, UK

The risk of pedestrian injury and fatality in collisions with motor vehicles, a social ecological study of state routes and city streets in King County, Washington

Thirty-day self-reported risky driving behaviors of ADHD and non-ADHD drivers

Time course of driving-skill self-assessments during French driver training

Unraveling the complexity of driving while intoxicated: a study into the prevalence of psychiatric and substance abuse comorbidity

Visual assessment of pedestrian crashes

Young worker safety behaviors: Development and validation of measures