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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 43
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2011
Articles in SafetyLit: 85

A joint-probability approach to crash prediction models

A kinetic energy model of two-vehicle crash injury severity

A stochastic catastrophe model using two-fluid model parameters to investigate traffic safety on urban arterials

Accident investigation reporting deficiencies related to organizational factors in machinery space fires and explosions

Acculturation in Hispanics and childhood poisoning: Are medicines and household cleaners stored properly?

Age and gender differences in risky driving: The roles of positive affect and risk perception

Alcohol, psychoactive drugs and fatal road traffic accidents in Norway: a case-control study

Alcohol-related traffic accidents with fatal outcomes in the city of Sao Paulo

An empirical assessment of fixed and random parameter logit models using crash- and non-crash-specific injury data

An exploration of the utility of mathematical modeling predicting fatigue from sleep/wake history and circadian phase applied in accident analysis and prevention: The crash of Comair Flight 5191

An update on the association between setting quantified road safety targets and road fatality reduction

Are child occupants a significant source of driving distraction?

Attitudes and behavior of Chinese drivers regarding seatbelt use

Attributes affecting preferences for traffic safety camera programs

Bicycle helmet use four years after the introduction of helmet legislation in Alberta, Canada

Cabin safety and emergency evacuation: Passenger experience of flight CI-120 accident

Car drivers' perceptions of electronic stability control (ESC) systems

Cell phone conversing while driving in New Zealand: prevalence, risk perception and legislation

Characteristics of fatal motorcycle crashes into roadside safety barriers in Australia and New Zealand

Characteristics of single vehicle rollover fatalities in three Australian states (2000-2007)

Child pedestrian casualties and deprivation

Child Restraint Fitting Stations reduce incorrect restraint use among child occupants

Citation-related reliability analysis for a pilot sample of underground coal mines

Cognitive compatibility of motorcyclists and car drivers

Crash avoidance potential of four passenger vehicle technologies

Declines in fatal crashes of older drivers: Changes in crash risk and survivability

Determining the drivers' acceptance of EFTCD in highway work zones

Differences in traffic violations and at-fault crashes between license suspension and revocation

Distribution of transport injury and related risk behaviours in a large national cohort of Thai adults

Does street network design affect traffic safety?

Does the transition to parenthood influence driving?

Door velocity and occupant distance affect lateral thoracic injury mitigation with side airbag

Driver performance while text messaging using handheld and in-vehicle systems

Econometric analysis of the changing effects in wind strength and significant wave height on the probability of casualty in shipping

Effect of three countermeasures against the illegal crossing of railway tracks

Effects of Pay-As-You-Drive vehicle insurance on young drivers' speed choice: Results of a Dutch field experiment

Effects of steering demand on lane keeping behaviour, self-reports, and physiology. A simulator study

Emotional modulation of urgent and evaluative behaviors in risky driving scenarios

Empirical analysis of gross vehicle weight and free flow speed and consideration on its relation with differential speed limit

Estimation of the social costs of home injury: A comparison with estimates for road injury

Exploring the psychological factors involved in the Ladbroke Grove rail accident

Factors affecting hospital charges and length of stay from teenage motor vehicle crash-related hospitalizations among United States teenagers, 2002-2007

Fatality risk in motorcycle collisions with roadside objects in the United States

Hazard perception of motorcyclists and car drivers

Health literacy of older drivers and the importance of health experience for self-regulation of driving behaviour

Impact of gender, age and experience of pilots on general aviation accidents

Incidence rate and risk factors of missed injuries in major trauma patients

Individual safety performance in the construction industry: Development and validation of two short scales

Investigating the relative effects of sleep deprivation and time of day on fatigue and performance

Let them experience a ride under the influence of alcohol; A successful intervention program?

Line-of-duty deaths among U.S. firefighters: An analysis of fatality investigations

Meta-analysis of the effect of road safety campaigns on accidents

Mixed logit analysis of bicyclist injury severity resulting from motor vehicle crashes at intersection and non-intersection locations

Motorcycle right-of-way accidents-A literature review

Novice riders and the predictors of riding without motorcycle protective clothing

Older adults' safety perceptions of driving situations: Towards a new driving self-regulation scale

Overtaking, rear-end, and door crashes involving bicycles: An empirical investigation

Passenger vehicle safety in Australasia for different driver groups

Predictors of race-day jockey falls in jumps racing in Australia

Promoting learning, memory, and transfer in a time-constrained, high hazard environment

Publication bias and time-trend bias in meta-analysis of bicycle helmet efficacy: A re-analysis of Attewell, Glase and McFadden, 2001

Rating the overall secondary safety of vehicles from real world crash data: The Australian and New Zealand Total Secondary Safety Index

Reducing the threat of in-transit derailments involving dangerous goods through effective placement along the train consist

Rehearsal and verbal reminders in facilitating compliance with safety rules

Rib and sternum fractures in the elderly and extreme elderly following motor vehicle crashes

Risk factors for fatal crashes in rural Australia

Road accidents and tourism: The case of the Balearic Islands (Spain)

Road factors and bicycle-motor vehicle crashes at unsignalized priority intersections

Safety performance evaluation of left-side off-ramps at freeway diverge areas

Self-regulation of motor vehicle advertising: Is it working in Australia?

Should traffic enforcement be unpredictable? The case of red light cameras in Edmonton

Speed choice and driving performance in simulated foggy conditions

Speeding for fun? Exploring the speeding behavior of riders of heavy motorcycles using the theory of planned behavior and psychological flow theory

Taxi drivers' views on risky driving behavior in Tehran: A qualitative study using a social marketing approach

The association of activity level, parent mental distress, and parental involvement and monitoring with unintentional injury risk in fifth graders

The effects of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) on crashes-An update

The effects of increased police enforcement along a route in London

The endurance of the effects of the penalty point system in Spain three years after. Main influencing factors

The influence of Cruise Control and Adaptive Cruise Control on driving behaviour - A driving simulator study

The special severity of occupational accidents in the afternoon: "The lunch effect"

Time saved with high speed driving of ambulances

Too many or too few unintentional firearm deaths in official U.S. mortality data?

Usage and perceived effectiveness of fatigue countermeasures for professional and nonprofessional drivers

Using biological motion to enhance the conspicuity of roadway workers

Validation of sobriety tests for the marine environment