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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 43
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2011
Articles in SafetyLit: 39

A comparison of the hazard perception ability of accident-involved and accident-free motorcycle riders

A grounded theory model for analysis of marine accidents

A model of Beijing drivers' scrambling behaviors

A numerical investigation into the effect of CRS misuse on the injury potential of children in frontal and side impact crashes

Accident prevention on ski slopes - Perceptions of safety and knowledge of existing rules

An evaluation of the narrowing gender gap in DUI arrests

College students' prevalence and perceptions of text messaging while driving

Comparison of two methods to assess the effect of age and sex on the risk of car crashes

Development of student drivers' self-assessment accuracy during French driver training: Self-assessments compared to instructors' assessments in three risky driving situations

Driving behaviors and accident risk under lifetime license revocation

Effectiveness of speed indicator devices: An observational study in South London

Estimated incident cost savings in shipping due to inspections

Evaluation of rear-end crash risk at work zone using work zone traffic data

Exploring a Bayesian hierarchical approach for developing safety performance functions for a mountainous freeway

Factors associated with alcohol and drug use among traffic crash victims in southern Brazil

Gender differences in injury severity risks in crashes at signalized intersections

Identifying crash contributory factors at urban roundabouts and using association rules to explore their relationships to different crash types

Identifying factors that increase the likelihood of driving after drinking among college students

Indexing crash worthiness and crash aggressivity by vehicle type

Jerky driving-An indicator of accident proneness?

Making minor rural road networks safer: The effects of 60km/h-zones

Modeling occupant-level injury severity: An application to large-truck crashes

Naturalistic assessment of novice teenage crash experience

Older drivers: On-road and off-road test results

On the training and testing of entry-level commercial motor vehicle drivers

Predicting intentions not to "drink and drive" using an extended version of the theory of planned behaviour

Preschoolers' perceptions of their mothers' and fathers' reactions to injury-risk behavior

Prevalence of teen driver errors leading to serious motor vehicle crashes

Requirements of a system to reduce car-to-vulnerable road user crashes in urban intersections

Risky and aggressive driving in young adults: Personality matters

Speed maintenance under cognitive load - Implications for theories of driver behaviour

The frequency and predictors of helmet use among Iranian motorcyclists: A quantitative and qualitative study

The impact of changes to the graduated driver licensing program in Queensland, Australia on the experiences of Learner drivers

The influence of novel compliant floors on balance control in elderly women-A biomechanical study

The relative impact of work-related stress, life stress and driving environment stress on driving outcomes

The road safety implications of illegal street racing and associated risky driving behaviours: An analysis of offences and offenders

Understanding risk compensation in children: Experience with the activity and level of sensation seeking play a role

Understanding whiplash injury and prevention mechanisms using a human model of the neck

Young drivers' optimism bias for accident risk and driving skill: Accountability and insight experience manipulations