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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 45S
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 16

A model of shiftworker sleep/wake behaviour

At home and away: Measuring the sleep of Australian truck drivers

Beyond working time: Factors affecting sleep behaviour in rail safety workers

Can a simple balance task be used to assess fitness for duty?

Duty periods with early start times restrict the amount of sleep obtained by short-haul airline pilots

Fatigue biomarker index: An objective salivary measure of fatigue level

Fatigue research in 2011: From the bench to practice

Fatigue-related crashes involving express buses in Malaysia: Will the proposed policy of banning the early-hour operation reduce fatigue-related crashes and benefit overall road safety?

Predicting pilot's sleep during layovers using their own behaviour or data from colleagues: Implications for biomathematical models

Research and guidelines for implementing Fatigue Risk Management Systems for the French regional airlines

Restricted sleep and negative affective states in commercial pilots during short haul operations

Simulated driving under the influence of extended wake, time of day and sleep restriction

Sleep and sleepiness during an ultra long-range flight operation between the Middle East and United States

Systematic individual differences in sleep homeostatic and circadian rhythm contributions to neurobehavioral impairment during sleep deprivation

The effect of sleep restriction on snacking behaviour during a week of simulated shiftwork

The influence of circadian time and sleep dose on subjective fatigue ratings