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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 48
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 59

A disaggregate model for quantifying the safety effects of winter road maintenance activities at an operational level

A suggested color scheme for reducing perception-related accidents on construction work sites

A systems approach to accident causation in mining: An application of the HFACS method

Adapting ISA system warnings to enhance user acceptance

Adolescent involvement in anti-social and delinquent behaviours: Predicting future injury risk

Applying data mining techniques to explore factors contributing to occupational injuries in Taiwan's construction industry

Associations between task, training and social environmental factors and error types involved in rail incidents and accidents

Can enforced behaviour change attitudes? Exploring the influence of Intelligent Speed Adaptation

Comparing the performance of residential fire sprinklers with other life-safety technologies

Could Intelligent Speed Adaptation make overtaking unsafe?

Deal or no deal: Can incentives encourage widespread adoption of intelligent speed adaptation devices?

Design and implementation of an identification system in construction site safety for proactive accident prevention

Drink-driving in community sports clubs: Adopting the Good Sports alcohol management program

Driving in fog: The effects of driving experience and visibility on speed compensation and hazard avoidance

Dynamics of safety performance and culture: A group model building approach

Editorial: Construction accidents

Effect of North Carolina's restriction on teenage driver cell phone use two years after implementation

ER visits predict premature death among teenagers

Error begat error: Design error analysis and prevention in social infrastructure projects

Estimation of rear-end vehicle crash frequencies in urban road tunnels

How much benefit does Intelligent Speed Adaptation deliver?-An analysis of its potential contribution to safety and environment

Hybrid III anthropomorphic test device (ATD) response to head impacts and potential implications for athletic headgear testing

Impact direction effect on serious-to-fatal injuries among drivers in near-side collisions according to impact location: Focus on thoracic injuries

Intelligent speed adaptation as an assistive device for drivers with acquired brain injury: A single-case field experiment

Investigating the factorial invariance of the 28-item DBQ across genders and age groups: An Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling Study

Investigating the multi-causal and complex nature of the accident causal influence of construction project features

Is intelligent speed adaptation ready for deployment?

Is the three-foot bicycle passing law working in Baltimore, Maryland?

ISA implementation and uncertainty: A literature review and expert elicitation study

Judgments of approach speed for motorcycles across different lighting levels and the effect of an improved tri-headlight configuration

Motorcycle and scooter speeds approaching urban intersections

Nonresponse analysis and adjustment in a mail survey on car accidents

Older drivers' crashes in Queensland, Australia

Pay as You Speed, ISA with incentive for not speeding: Results and interpretation of speed data

Pay as You Speed, ISA with incentives for not speeding: A case of test driver recruitment

Population behavioral scenarios influencing radiological disaster preparedness and planning

Potential difficulties in applying the Pay for Safety Scheme (PFSS) in construction projects

Preventing construction worker injury incidents through the management of personal stress and organizational stressors

Proposal of a risk-factor-based analytical approach for integrating occupational health and safety into project risk evaluation

Rapid demountable platform (RDP)-A device for preventing fall from height accidents

Recursive modeling of loss of control in human and organizational processes: A systemic model for accident analysis

Relational approach in managing construction project safety: A social capital perspective

Road safety risk evaluation and target setting using data envelopment analysis and its extensions

Safety effects of low-cost engineering measures. An observational study in a Portuguese multilane road

Safety effects of wider edge lines on rural, two-lane highways

Self reported risk taking and risk compensation in skiers and snowboarders are associated with sensation seeking

Self-rated driving and driving safety in older adults

Stuck in the 70s: the role of social norms in distracted driving

The influence of music on mental effort and driving performance

The road user behaviour of school students in Belgium

The role of sensation seeking, perceived peer pressure, and harmful alcohol use in riding with an alcohol-impaired driver

The roles of exposure and speed in road safety analysis

Towards a better reliability of risk assessment: Development of a qualitative & quantitative risk evaluation model (Q(2)REM) for different trades of construction works in Hong Kong

Trends in alcohol-impaired driving in Canada

Using a multidimensional Rasch model approach to measure the police's perceived ability to detect, detain and intercept DWI vehicles when conducting sobriety checkpoints

Using game technologies to improve the safety of construction plant operations

Valuation of morbidity and mortality risk reductions. Does context matter?

What benefit does Intelligent Speed Adaptation deliver? A close examination of its effect on vehicle speeds

Work-related injuries and musculoskeletal disorders among factory workers in a major city of China