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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 49
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 67

A dynamic analysis of motorcycle ownership and usage: a panel data modeling approach

Accident proneness revisited: the role of psychological stress and cognitive failure

Age and inconsistency in driving performance

Aging and the detection of imminent collisions under simulated fog conditions

Analysis of factors that increase motorcycle rider risk compared to car driver risk

Analysis of powered two-wheeler crashes in Italy by classification trees and rules discovery

Analysis of the stability of PTW riders in autonomous braking scenarios

Are car daytime running lights detrimental to motorcycle conspicuity?

Auditory detection and localization of approaching vehicles

Beyond general behavioral theories: structural discrepancy in young motorcyclist's risky driving behavior and its policy implications

Bias caused by self-reporting distraction and its impact on crash estimates

Causation mechanisms in car-to-vulnerable road user crashes: implications for active safety systems

Characteristics of, and insurance payments for, injuries to cyclists in Tasmania, 1990-2010

Cognitive impairment and driving safety

Cognitive problems, self-rated changes in driving skills, driving-related discomfort and self-regulation of driving in old drivers

Confirmatory factor analysis of the Behaviour of Young Novice Drivers Scale (BYNDS)

Crash avoidance potential of four large truck technologies

Crash risk factors related to individuals sustaining and drivers following traumatic brain injuries

Does wearing helmets reduce motorcycle-related death? A global evaluation

Driving behaviors in early stage dementia: a study using in-vehicle technology

Effects of national culture on human failures in container shipping: The moderating role of Confucian dynamism

Evaluating safety risk of locating above ground utility structures in the highway right-of-way

Factors affecting hospital admission and recovery stay duration of in-patient motor victims in Spain

Grandparents and child passenger safety

How do passengers influence drivers' propensities for angry driving? Different effects of supervisors versus friends

Identifying the psychological determinants of risky riding: an application of an extended Theory of Planned Behaviour

Injuries among powered two-wheeler users in eight European countries: a descriptive analysis of hospital discharge data

Injury typology of fatal motorcycle collisions with roadside barriers in Australia and New Zealand

Investigating driving behaviour of older drivers with mild cognitive impairment using a portable driving simulator

Investigating occupant safety through simulating the interaction between side curtain airbag deployment and an out-of-position occupant

Issues in motorcycle sensory and cognitive conspicuity: The impact of motorcycle low-beam headlights and riding experience on drivers' decisions to turn across the path of a motorcycle

Measurements of street-crossing decision-making in pedestrians with low vision

Methodology for safety optimization of highway cross-sections for horizontal curves with restricted sight distance

MMSE as a predictor of on-road driving performance in community dwelling older drivers

More mad and more wise

Motorcycle accidents, rider behaviour, and psychological models

Motorcycle-related injuries in the United Arab Emirates

Motorcycle-related spinal injury: crash characteristics

Motorcyclists' speed and "looked-but-failed-to-see" accidents

Obesity is associated with the future risk of heavy truck crashes among newly recruited commercial drivers

On the significance of omitted variables in intersection crash modeling

Overview of critical risk factors in Power-Two-Wheeler safety

Personality and risk perception in transport

Powered two-wheelers road accidents and their risk perception in dense urban areas: case of Paris

Powered two-wheelers within the traffic system

Public attitudes towards motorcyclists' safety: a qualitative study from the United Kingdom

Reductions in transport mortality in Australia: Evidence of a public health success

Risk and threat factors in prior representations of driving situations among powered two-wheeler riders and car drivers

Risk factors for injury accidents among moped and motorcycle riders

Risk factors for severe injury in cyclists involved in traffic crashes in Victoria, Australia

Severity of motorcycle crashes in Calgary

Stated response to increased enforcement density and penalty size for speeding and driving unbelted

The Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination Revised as a potential screening test for elderly drivers

The effect of a low and high resource intervention on older drivers' knowledge, behaviors and risky driving

The effects of congestion charging on road traffic casualties: a causal analysis using difference-in-difference estimation

The influence of cognitive impairment with no dementia on driving restriction and cessation in older adults

The intention and willingness to pay moving violation citations among Taiwan motorcyclists

The kinematic features of motorcycles in congested urban networks

The motorcyclist impact against a light vehicle: Epidemiological, accidentological and biomechanic analysis

The red-light running behavior of electric bike riders and cyclists at urban intersections in China: an observational study

The relationship between cognitive ability, insight and self-regulatory behaviors: Findings from the older driver population

Towards a conceptual model of motorcyclists' Risk Awareness: a comparative study of riding experience effect on hazard detection and situational criticality assessment

Traffic safety among motorcyclists in Norway: a study of subgroups and risk factors

Traffic safety analysis of powered two-wheelers (PTWs) in Slovenia

Understanding the factors influencing safe and unsafe motorcycle rider intentions

Validity of the Occupational Therapy-Drive Home Maze Test for right and left handed test takers

Validity of using linked hospital and police traffic crash records to analyse motorcycle injury crash characteristics